patrick wolfe: an announcement and a correction


An amendment and announcement by Patrick Wolfe:

Settler Colonialism and Native Alternatives in Global Context is a collection of essays that will make up special editions, guest-edited by myself, of two international journals. Part 1, ‘The Settler Complex’, is due to appear this week as volume 37, no. 2 of the American Indian Culture and Research Journal. Part 2, ‘Recuperating Binarism’, will appear later this year as volume 3, no. 4 of Settler Colonial Studies.

This initiative in cross-journal collaboration is intended to bring developments in settler colonial studies into closer conversation with specialist scholarship in Indigenous studies.

The correction:

In my introduction to the print version of Part 1 (AICRJ, vol. 37, no. 2, p. 9), I wrongly state that Maya Mikdashi is Palestinian and Ojibwe. She is actually Lebanese and Ojibwe. The mistake will be corrected in the on-line version but it is too late for the print version. The mistake and the responsibility are entirely mine.

Patrick Wolfe.

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