comparative wests – special issue of occasion


Occasion 5 (2013) Special issue editor Brian Codding.

Brian F. Codding, Douglas W. Bird, Ethan Blue and Jon Christensen, Richard White, ‘An Introduction to the Comparative Wests’

Alistair Paterson, ‘Enduring Contact: Australian Perspectives in Environmental and Social Change’

Frank Lake, ‘Historical and Cultural Fires, Tribal Management and Research Issue in Northern California: Trails, Fires and Tribulations’

Judee Burr, ‘Burning Across Boundaries: Comparing Effective Strategies for Collaboration between Fire Management Agencies and Indigenous Comm’

Grant Revell and Jill Milroy, ‘Aboriginal Story Systems: Re-mapping the West, Knowing Country, Sharing Space’

Jared Aldern, ‘Making Space for North Fork Mono (Nium) Narrative: Land, Learning, Parataxis, Policy, and Water in Central California’

Ethan Blue, ‘Finding Margins on Borders: Shipping Firms and Immigration Control across Settler Space’

William M. Taylor, ‘Home Ports and Sailing Ships: Maritime Settlement and Seaborne Mobility in Forming the Comparative Wests’

Darren Jorgensen, ‘Aboriginal Australian Cowboys and the Art of Appropriation’

Lisa Ford, ‘Comments on Comparing Wests’

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