We aim to establish settler colonial studies as a scholarly field. This blog follows scholarly developments that contribute to a greater awareness of this phenomenon within the disciplines of history, law, genocide studies, indigenous, colonial and postcolonial studies, as well as historical geography, economics, politics, sociology, international relations, political science, cultural and gender studies, philosophy – and everything in between.

Scholars from anywhere focusing on anywhere are invited to submit information on upcoming conferences and calls for papers; information about their publications and ongoing projects; reflections on the implications of their own work and the environment in which it will feature; and short reviews and opinions of conferences, monographs, edited collections, journal articles and features, legal developments and contemporary struggles. They will show up on the blog as soon as they are screened.

This blog, and its accompanying journal, were founded in 2010 by a collective based in Melbourne, including Lorenzo Veracini (author of Israel and Settler Society [2006], Settler Colonialism: A Theoretical Overview [2010], and The Settler Colonial Present [2015]) and Edward Cavanagh (author of The Griqua Past and the Limits of South African History [2011] and Settler Colonialism and Land Rights in South Africa [2013]; currently researching corporations, land rights and sovereignty).

The blog was managed, written, and compiled by Edward Cavanagh from December 2009 to December 2014; from January 2015 it has been maintained by Lorenzo Veracini. All submissions, queries and feedback can be sent here.

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