call for papers: edited collection on native american nationalism and comparisons


From H-Net:

The Peter Lang Publishing Group is launching a new series entitled Nationalisms across the Globe. One of these volumes will focus on Native American nationalism. The volume’s editors welcome scholarly submissions from academics and researchers in the field. If interested, please consult the list of topics below and submit a query including a 500-word abstract of your proposed paper, as well as sources consulted/cited and a brief biography of 200 words or less detailing your professional and academic qualifications in the area. If your proposal is accepted for publication, you will be requested to submit a complete essay, which should comply with the Peter Lang standards of copy-editing and must be delivered within one month of your proposal’s approval. Please submit your proposal with all relevant details (abstract, draft bibliography and a short bio) by 1 March, 2010.

I. Treaties and Legal Status
– historical changes in the legal status of Native Americans from the colonial times to today’s Canada and the US
– the use of terms/concepts of nation, band, tribe by colonial/Canadian & US lawmakers to Native American ethnic groups and the political and social implications for the latter
– the use / rejection / thinking /reactions of Native Americans to the concepts of nation, band, tribe, as imposed from outside by colonial / Canadian & US administrations

II. The Development of Native American National / Ethnic Movements
– general overview
– case studies
– land rights movement (division of Canada’s Northern Territories)
– Retainment, loss, revival, political and social (un)importance of Native American languages
– Residential School Experience in Canada and the USA

III. Comparisons
– with non-state ethnic/national movements in Latin America
– with non-state ethnic/national movements in Australasia and Oceania
– with non-state ethnic/national movements in Africa
– with non-state ethnic/national movements in Europe

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