settlers ‘called upon’ to ‘smash the state’ in toronto


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  1. 1 Ravi de Costa

    After several days of peaceful themed protests through the centre of Toronto, there are confrontations between protestors and police now taking place. At least 3 arrests, reports of tear gas and baton charges.

    Police have ratcheted up tension in recent days, making use of extraordinary and arbitrary detention and search powers that provincial authorities agreed to without discussion. Early this morning, police raided a house where protestors were staying, refusing to show a warrant and arresting three.

    I participated in Thursday’s march, when between two and three thousand people sought to reinforce the claims of Indigenous peoples at the centre of the anti-G20 movement. In fact, in recent years Indigenous peoples have become more than colourful reminders of the malign effects of neo-liberalism and development, now providing the anti-globalization movement with much of its imaginative and moral energy.

    Meanwhile, substantive achievements from the G8 and G20 leaders remains to be seen. Promises of commitments on maternal health, like those last year on support for agriculture in the poorest countries, don’t seem worth the costs of this exercise. Canada has pledged $1B, the same as the cost of security for the summit.

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