november calls for papers and events


CFP/Conference: Borderlands and Meeting Points, Brown University, Rhode Island, April 8-9 2011.

CFP/Journal: Journal of Postcolonial Theory and Theology.

CFP/Conference: Spanish Borderlands/Spanish Colonial texas, Texas State Historical Association, 2012.

CFP/Conference: Ass. American Geographers: Imperialism and Space in the Americas, Seattle, 12-16 April 2011.

CFP/Journal: Journal of Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies on Australian Literature.

Seminar: Colonial Science and its Histories, Oxford, London, October 8 2010.

CFP/Conference: Spectres of Power and the Limits of Imagination, Vancouver, 31 March – 3 April, 2011.

CFP/Conference: Mobilities, Flows and Networks in Global History, Harvard University, Massachusetts, March 10-11 2011.

CFP/Conference: Transnational Futures? Shifting Borders and the Dynamics of Diaspora, Toronto, University of Toronto, March 26 2011

CFP/Conference: Building an American Empire, 1763-1861, Oxford UK, 17 May 2011.

CFP/Conference: Decolonial Thinking in Latin America and Latina/o Literary Studies, Vancouver ACLA March 31- April 3 2011

CFP/Conference: Rebirth, Renewal and Survival in Literary, Cultural and Political Narratives, Vancouver ACLA March 31- April 3 2011

CFP/Conference: Origin Stories: Narratives of North American Diversity, Illinois, 20 December 2011

CFP/Conference: Colonial Development, 1929-1962, University of York, UK, July 2011.

CFP/Conference: Geographies of Power: mapping Indian borders, University of Florida, Oct 28 2010.

CFP/Conference: Living beyond theory: Interdisciplinary perspectives on the postcolonial, University of York, UK, 2010.

CFP/Conference: Early modern migrations: Exiles, Expulsions, and Religious Refugees, 1400-1700, University of Toronto, Canada, 31 Jan 2011.

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