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In the current historiographical atmosphere, there seems little point for historians to continue pointing out the number of ‘ethnic’, ‘tribal’, ‘racial’ or ‘national’ groups within a confined space. In 1988, in what was quite clearly a re-iteration of a number of revisionist lines of enquiry that came before him, Martin Legassick claimed that all ‘attempts […]



Ассоциация коренных малочисленных народов Севера, Сибири и Дальнего Востока Российской Федерации Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East.

Aboriginal History 34 (2010), available online at the ANU E-Press. Why didn’t you listen: white noise and black history Controlling marriages: Friedrich Hagenauer and the betrothal of Indigenous Western Australian women in colonial Victoria Shamrock Aborigines: the Irish, the Aboriginal Australians and their children Defining disease, segregating race:Sir Raphael Cilento, Aboriginal health and leprosy management […]

friends at last


  From the set of Dances with Wolves. Hat tip, Rob A.

The Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority has lost its Supreme Court appeal against a company that built a toilet on a sacred site, reports ABC News.

In recent years across a range of disciplines, empire has become a paradigm for rethinking a globalized world. In this context, the University of Aberdeen is pleased to advertise a number of Masters (fees only) and Doctoral (fees and partial maintenance) Studentships within a broader interdisciplinary project on the ‘Ideas, Practices, and Impacts of Global […]

A Newcastle University Professor says there is much to learn from Europe’s indigenous entrepreneurs when it comes to small business and the economy. Professor Dennis Foley will spend several months in Ireland later this year, studying that country’s native community, known as the Travellers. His research will investigate the similarities between the Irish and Australian […]

Joanna Cruickshank, ‘Race, History, and the Australian Faith Missions’, Itinerario 34 (2010). Abstract: In 1901, the parliament of the new Commonwealth of Australia passed a series of laws designed, in the words of the Prime Minister Edmund Barton, “to make a legislative declaration of our racial identity”. An Act to expel the large Pacific Islander […]

Helen Bethea Gardner, ‘From Site to Text: Australian Aborigines and The Origin of the Family’, Itinerario 34 (2010). Abstract: Missions were not simply sites of modernity, they were also the source of key data for the modernist theories of human progress. The idea that so called “primitive peoples” provided a window to the origins of […]

John Mark French, ‘Native, narrative, and nation: The construction of self and other in European settler colonies’. Ph.D. diss. (UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO, 2010). Abstract: A new theory is presented which uses the work of Michel Foucault to link the appearance of national identity to the development of the modem state. Drawing on thinkers […]