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Australian Humanities Review 53 (2012). Special Issue, eds Carsten Wergin and Stephen Muecke. ‘Songlines vs Pipelines? Mining and Tourism in Remote Australia’.

Rebecca Hamlin, ‘International Law and Administrative Insulation: A Comparison of Refugee Status Determination Regimes in the United States, Canada, and Australia’, Law & Social Inquiry 37, 4 (2012). International law provides nations with a common definition of a refugee, yet the processes by which countries determine who should be granted refugee status look strikingly different, […]

I thought they wiped all the Aborigines from Tasmania out. […] I don’t see him representing black people, or coloured people. I don’t see him in the communities, I don’t see him doing the things I do to people, and fighting for the people. […] He’s got a white woman, he’s got white kids. I keep it real, […]

The latest issue of Arena Journal — Stolen Lands, Broken Cultures: The Settler-Colonial present — will be launched in Melbourne. Settler-colonial attitudes go to the core of tensions in the world today, but are by and large ignored. They stand at the centre of the possibility of a nuclear exchange in the Middle East, as well […]

Heather Douglas and Mark Finnane, Indigenous Crime and Settler Law: White Sovereignty after Empire (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012). In a break from the contemporary focus on the law’s response to inter-racial crime, the authors examine the law’s approach to the victimization of one Indigenous person by another. Drawing on a wealth of archival material relating to […]

Tess Lea, Martin Young, Francis Markham, Catherine Holmes and Bruce Doran, ‘Being Moved (On): The Biopolitics of Walking in Australia’s Frontier Towns’, Radical History Review 114 (2012). It is in the contemporary period of Indigenous cultural recognition that the biopolitical system of policing Aboriginal walkers in Australia’s frontier towns has become so normalized that it […]

Robert van Krieken, ‘Between assimilation and multiculturalism: models of integration in Australia’, Patterns of Prejudice 46, 5 (2012). This paper outlines the ways in which the conception of social integration and its practical realization have developed over time in Australia, and the various pathways that models of integration have followed. It makes a distinction between […]

Onur Ulas Ince, ‘Capitalism, Colonization, and Contractual Dispossession: Wakefield’s Letters from Sydney’, APSA 2012 Annual Meeting Paper. Edward Gibbon Wakefield (1796-1862) is principally known for his historical role as a colonial entrepreneur involved in the colonization of South Australia and New Zealand. Less acknowledged and analyzed is his position as a British political economist. Wakefield […]

Kristyn Harman and Hamish Maxwell-Stewart, ‘Aboriginal Deaths in Custody in Colonial Australia, 1805–1860’, Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History 13, 2 (2012). The majority of the 160,000 convicts transported to Australia in the nineteenth century were European, yet a small number of colonial subjects were also incorporated into Britain’s Antipodean penal settlements. These included Aboriginal […]

Arena Journal 37/38 (2012). Introduction John Hinkson, ‘Why settler colonialism?’. Time Edward Cavanagh, ‘History, time and the indigenist critique’. Elizabeth Strakosch and Alissa Macoun, ‘The vanishing endpoint of settler colonialism’. Sarah Maddison, ‘Seven generations behind: Representing native nations’. Bodies Mary O’Dowd, ‘Embodying the Australian nation and silencing history’. Gaia Giuliani, ‘The colour lines of settler […]