arena journal 37/8, special issue on settler colonialism out now


Arena Journal 37/38 (2012).


John Hinkson, ‘Why settler colonialism?’.


Edward Cavanagh, ‘History, time and the indigenist critique’.

Elizabeth Strakosch and Alissa Macoun, ‘The vanishing endpoint of settler colonialism’.

Sarah Maddison, ‘Seven generations behind: Representing native nations’.


Mary O’Dowd, ‘Embodying the Australian nation and silencing history’.

Gaia Giuliani, ‘The colour lines of settler colonialism’.

Hokulani K Aikau, ‘More than preserving a polynesian paradise’.


Alice Robinson and Dan Tout, ‘Unsettling conceptions of wilderness and nature’.

Tracey Banivanua Mar, ‘Settler-colonial landscapes and narratives of possession’.

Melissa Lovell, ‘A settler-colonial consensus on the northern intervention’.

Deirdre Howard-Wagner, ‘Reclaiming the northern territory as a settler-colonial space’.

Palestine: Past and Present

John Docker, ‘Orientalism and zionism: Dismantling Leon Uris’s “exodus”‘.

Patrick Wolfe, ‘New Jews for old: Settler state formation and the impossibility of Zionism: In memory of Edward W. Said’.


Lorenzo Veracini, ‘Settler colonialism: A global and contemporary phenomenon’.

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