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I thought they wiped all the Aborigines from Tasmania out. […] I don’t see him representing black people, or coloured people. I don’t see him in the communities, I don’t see him doing the things I do to people, and fighting for the people. […] He’s got a white woman, he’s got white kids. I keep it real, […]

From a House of Commons Parliamentary Paper on Aborigines, no. 627 of 1844.

I abandoned my thatch, my cobblestones, my tolerant Dutch protectors. For barren oak trees. On empty shores. Under grey skies. The cold bites me in the arse. I died in great numbers. Half of me died. Most of my women. I am not a Sachem, God damn it! I cannot heal. I cannot lead. And […]

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Making Settler Colonial Space: Perspectives on Race, Place and Identity (Palgrave UK, 2010) Edited by Tracey Banivanua Mar and Penelope Edmonds. To be launched by Patrick Wolfe. The new journal, settler colonial studies, introduced by Jane Carey and Lorenzo Veracini. When: Thursday 30th June, 5.00pm for a 5.30pm start Where: Gertrudes Brown Couch, 30 Gertrude […]

To a fruitful and lively blogobate about the value of (specifically) settler colonial studies, Patrick Wolfe has recently and insightfully contributed: So what’s specific about [settler colonialism]? Or even, as Cheryl Harris asked me at UCLA, why not just call it imperialism? My answer is that, within the imperialist social formation, the settler-colonial relation of […]

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When she saw Top Camp (humpies made of corrugated iron/slabs of bark people and dogs living together children   discharge running from nostrils/ears like sewage seeping from the broken pipes next door) she didn’t wince. She learnt to overlook the rubbish caught on broken fences blown by westerlies that brought the dust and the haunting sound […]

Tying up forever a large territory for the use of Kafirs in small bits each big enough to support a man and his family … to tie up the man whose labour is worth more elsewhere .. Does it not strike you as rather a waste of both the man and the ground? … Why […]

Dear all, We are pleased to announce that the first issue of settler colonial studies is now available for your viewing. Check it out here. In this stage of its life, settler colonial studies is an online, open-access journal. There are may benefits of such a medium (among them, universally free access, and immediate registration […]

Here’s a teaser for the forthcoming settler colonial studies 1 (2011). ARTICLES Lorenzo Veracini: Introducing settler colonial studies pp. 1-12 Patrick Wolfe: After the Frontier: Separation and Absorption in US Indian Policy pp. 13-50 Scott Lauria Morgensen: The Biopolitics of Settler Colonialism: Right Here, Right Now pp. 51-75 Ivan Sablin and Maria Savelyeva: Mapping Indigenous […]