inaugural issue of settler colonial studies


Here’s a teaser for the forthcoming settler colonial studies 1 (2011).

Lorenzo Veracini: Introducing settler colonial studies pp. 1-12
Patrick Wolfe: After the Frontier: Separation and Absorption in US Indian Policy pp. 13-50
Scott Lauria Morgensen: The Biopolitics of Settler Colonialism: Right Here, Right Now pp. 51-75
Ivan Sablin and Maria Savelyeva: Mapping Indigenous Siberia: Spatial Changes and Ethnic Realities pp. 76-109
Jo Smith: Aotearoa/New Zealand: Unsettled State in a Sea of Islands
pp. 110-30
Carol Summers, Boys, Brats and Education: Reproducing White Maturity in Colonial Zimbabwe pp. 131-52
Edward Cavanagh, Review Article: Discussing Settler Colonialism’s Spatial Cultures pp. 153-66
Jim Windeyer, Foreword: Richard Windeyer (1806-1847) pp. 167-70
Richard Windeyer, On the Rights of the Aborigines of Australia: A Lecture pp. 171-94
Edward Cavanagh and Lorenzo Veracini, Afterword: On the Rights of the Settlers of Australia pp. 195-200
Gary Fields, Photo Feature: Landscapes of Occupation in Palestine pp. 201-5

Full access to first issue available in march.

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