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Katie Pickles, ‘Transnational History and Cultural Cringe: Some Issues for Consideration in New Zealand, Australia and Canada’, History Compass 9, 9 (2011). This article draws upon my personal experience working across the boundaries of New Zealand, Canadian and Australian History. With attention to the British colonial past in these places I compare and contrast the […]

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Making Settler Colonial Space: Perspectives on Race, Place and Identity (Palgrave UK, 2010) Edited by Tracey Banivanua Mar and Penelope Edmonds. To be launched by Patrick Wolfe. The new journal, settler colonial studies, introduced by Jane Carey and Lorenzo Veracini. When: Thursday 30th June, 5.00pm for a 5.30pm start Where: Gertrudes Brown Couch, 30 Gertrude […]

Some time ago Patricia Monture told us that in her thinking equality was not a high enough goal. A feminism that failed to recognize the destructiveness of settler colonialism and to work towards Indigenous sovereignty and well-being was too small a feminism for Patricia. This issue of the Canadian Journal of Women and the Law […]

Marianne Bechhaus-Gerst, Mechthild Leutner, Hauke Neddermann, eds. Frauen in den deutschen Kolonien. Berlin: Links, 2009. 284 pp. EUR 24.90 (paper), ISBN 978-3-86153-526-3. Reviewed by Daniel Walther (History Department, Wartburg College) Published on H-German (March, 2011) Commissioned by Susan R. Boettcher Frauen in den deutschen Kolonien expands the breadth and depth of our understanding of women’s […]

Dear all, We are pleased to announce that the first issue of settler colonial studies is now available for your viewing. Check it out here. In this stage of its life, settler colonial studies is an online, open-access journal. There are may benefits of such a medium (among them, universally free access, and immediate registration […]

Here’s a teaser for the forthcoming settler colonial studies 1 (2011). ARTICLES Lorenzo Veracini: Introducing settler colonial studies pp. 1-12 Patrick Wolfe: After the Frontier: Separation and Absorption in US Indian Policy pp. 13-50 Scott Lauria Morgensen: The Biopolitics of Settler Colonialism: Right Here, Right Now pp. 51-75 Ivan Sablin and Maria Savelyeva: Mapping Indigenous […]

Margaret D. Jacobs‌, ‘Getting Out of a Rut: Decolonizing Western Women’s History’, Pacific Historical Review 79, 4 (2010). For over three decades, western women’s historians have been working not just to challenge male biases within western history scholarship but also to create a more multicultural inclusive narrative. Paradoxically, however, the overarching narrative of western women’s […]

Fernanda Peñaloza, ‘On Skulls, Orgies, Virgins and the Making of Patagonia as a National Territory: Francisco Pascasio Moreno’s Representations of Indigenous Tribes’, Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 87, 4 (2010,), pp. 455-472 Abstract/Resumen: This paper focuses on the anxiety of possession that underlies the anthropological inquisitiveness of the nineteenth-century Argentine explorer Francisco Pascasio Moreno. Moreno’s Viaje […]

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