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Abstract: Settler colonialism has been described as a structure, not an event, meaning it is sustained over time through discursive and material means. As settlers began to monopolize lands, new ecologies were built from Indigenous ones, transforming the landscape but also human relations with lands. I expand on Kyle Whyte’s concept of settler ecologies to […]

Abstract: In this paper, I analyse Shaheer Tarar’s artwork Jack Pine (2019) to question how settler colonialism is produced and reproduced through surveillant visualisations of the land. Specifically, I explore how Tarar’s representations of surveillant images of the land critically engages with historical and ongoing narratives of white settlement in the Canadian territory. As such, I ask: […]

Abstract: This article examines Canadian cultural nationalism since Confederation through the lens of settler colonial theory, engaging with questions arising from this exercise. Along the way it discusses how settler colonial theory meshes with other theoretical perspectives, particularly nationalism theory. The main body of the paper is a historical overview of how settler cultural production […]

Abstract: The recent proliferation of settler colonial and Indigenous studies of Palestine have addressed historical and present-day enclosure of Palestinian land, yet the question of ‘indigeneity’ is underexamined in this literature. Claims to indigeneity in Palestine straddle varied definitions: a racial category; as constructed through the colonial encounter or preceding colonialism; and as a local […]

Abstract: This conceptual paper reviews recent efforts to confront colonialism in conservation, with an emphasis on the challenges and complexities that have emerged among settler organizations engaged in this work. We consider recent academic and grey literature in the field in order to map different approaches to conservation, including the emerging interface of Indigenous and […]

Abstract: The United States federal off-reservation Indian boarding schools of the twentieth century have been the locale for ethnocide and cultural genocide of the Native American population. While in any critical discussion of mass atrocity crimes, such as genocide and ethnocide, the question of the perpetrators always ranks central, not much attention has been paid […]

Excerpt: This article criticises the political economic analysis of settler colonial studies, which it draws out through an immanent critique of its most famous practitioners.

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Excerpt: In this article, I will present fossil fuel pipelines as symptoms of settler colonialism and fossil capitalism…

Abstract: Since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority, Palestine has been the subject and recipient of significant humanitarian and development aid. This article critiques the humanitarian and developmental assistance provided by major donors in Palestine, with a particular focus on the E-1 area in the central West Bank, highlighting its depoliticisation and the misdiagnosis of […]