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Excerpt: One winter afternoon in 1946, Alicia Swann, an elementary school principal in El Paso, received an unusual phone call. Lois Godfrey, the American military liaison for the families of Nazi scientists relocated to nearby Fort Bliss, called Swann to ask if Crockett Elementary might accept some of the ninety school-aged children who would arrive […]

Abstract: This article examines the history of indigenous people through the lens of genocide theory. Following autobiographical reflections on settler colonialism and the practice of holding seminars on the theme of American genocides, the author explores the meaning of right remembering and making reparations in the context of American exceptionalism and white supremacy as represented […]

Abstract: Focusing on the young activists of Ramallah engaged in the Palestinian “popular resistance,” this article aims to analyze particular forms of anticolonial engagement in the West Bank. In the context of spatial divisions caused by the Israeli occupation, we demonstrate that the territorial regime in Ramallah, within the Oslo system, partly determines the interpretive […]

Abstract: Lands and bodies are often conceptualized as exhaustible objects and property within settler-colonial and neoliberal ideologies. These conceptualizations lead to underdevelopment of understandings of lands and bodies that fall outside of these ascriptions, and also attempt to actively obscure the pervasive ways in which settler colonialism violently reinscribes itself on the North American landscape […]

Abstract: Communities of colour are racialised and oppressed differentially by settler colonial states , yet the discourse of diversity and inclusion that dominates state interactions with communities of colour tends to conflate marginalised groups as equivalent and interchangeable to the detriment of intergroup relations. An approach to community building that recognises racial difference in general […]

Abstract: Alberta’s bitumen industry is frequently identified as a key site of environmental politics in the Anthropocene owing to the scale of its fossil fuel extraction operations. While popular images of surface mining activities often focus these discussions, approximately 80% of the bitumen reserves in the Canadian province lie too deep for surface mining and […]

Excerpt: Accordingly, the logic of prevention can also be seen to operate as a “logic of elimination.” Just as the logic of elimination, as identified by Patrick Wolfe, works to erase Indigenous presence upon the land while naturalizing non-Indigenous settlement, the logic of prevention turns our gaze away from the many means of elimination (e.g., […]

Reviewing Brenna Bhandar’s Colonial Lives of property, Adam Dahl’s Empire of the People, Sarah Deer’s The Beginning and End of Rape, and Onur Ulas Ince’s Colnial Capitalism and the Dilemmas of Liberalism.  

Abstract: This article follows the alchemical political economy of Edward Gibbon Wakefield for whom Kāi Tahu whenua served as a laboratory. Wakefield’s clever formula for the transubstantiation of an incendiary social situation in Britain into new terrain for capital was designed to secure the transplantation of English economic and social relations to the colonies to […]

Abstract: Hannah Arendt’s account of imperialism has become an unlikely source of inspiration for scholars invested in anti-colonial and postcolonial critique. However, the role of settler colonialism in her thought has come under far less scrutiny. This essay reconstructs Arendt’s account of settler-colonization. It argues that Arendt’s republican analysis of imperialism hinges on her notion […]