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Abstract: Relying on discourse analysis and critical social work, this article explores the relevance of a decolonisation discourse to South African child welfare. A child welfare discourse of coloniality emerges from Australia, New Zealand and Canada. This emphasises the role that colonisation has played in eradicating indigenous persons or alternately assimilating subjugated populations to Western […]

Description: Approaching the settlement of our Moon from a practical perspective, this book is well suited for space program planners. It addresses a variety of human factor topics involved in colonizing Earth’s Moon, including: history, philosophy, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, politics & policy, sociology, and anthropology. Each chapter identifies the complex, interdisciplinary issues of the human factor that […]

Abstract: This paper situates Indigenous social reproduction as a duality; as both a site of primitive accumulation and as a critical, resurgent, land-based practice. Drawing on three distinct cases from British Columbia, Canada, Aotearoa New Zealand and Bua, Fiji, we illustrate how accounting techniques can be a key mechanism with which Indigenous modes of life […]

Abstract: My dissertation analyzes the politics of settler-colonial national celebrations through an analysis of Canada 150, marking the sesquicentennial of Confederation. Landmark celebrations like Canada 150 are milestones marking intervals along a journey of supposed national progress. Yet, landmark celebrations, I argue, are also land celebrations – events aimed at storying Canadian state sovereignty claims […]

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Excerpt: Drawing on the insights provided by scholarship on colonial biopolitics andqueer Indigenous studies, and building on the idea of queer studies as a “subjectless”critique that has “no fixed political referent” (Eng et al. 3), this article considershow Tikera—and the archive of nineteenth-century settler fiction from Australia andNew Zealand more generally—positions Indigenous, mixed-race, and minoritypeoples […]

Description: Violent Inheritance deepens the analysis of settler colonialism’s endurance in the North American West and how infrastructures that ground sexual modernity are both reproduced and challenged by publics who have inherited them. E Cram redefines sexual modernity through extractivism, wherein sexuality functions to extract value from life including land, air, minerals, and bodies. Analyzing struggles […]

Exccerpt: … ‘Black lives do not matter, the ways in which Black people’s bodies can serve white interests; however, matter a great deal. The settler-colonial logic of elimination and the white supremacist logic of Black fungibility converge around the question of gentrification’ …

Abstract: This article provides an overview of how land-based settler colonial critique can reorient art criticism and art education to expand the scope of art and art practice to critical considerations of land politics and social justice, particularly in terms of the repatriation of Indigenous lands. In particular, land-based perspectives can help to rethink place/land […]

Abstract: Notwithstanding predictions about the exhaustion of the so-called Myth of White Argentina, recent developments signal the continuing vitality of Argentina’s European creation myth. How can it be that, despite the victories secured by more than three decades of Indigenous and Afrodescendant activism, it may prove so hard to topple? This article borrows insights from […]