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Abstract: This study is concerned with the possibility that Gladue perpetuates the hegemonic powers of settler colonialism, white supremacy, patriarchy, and neoliberalism. Gladue is intended to remediate systemic anti-Indigenous racism by requiring judges to consider all alternatives to incarceration when sentencing Indigenous peoples, yet Indigenous incarceration rates continue to rise precipitously. On the surface, Gladue […]

Abstract: This paper takes up the entwinement of citizenship and the political in the writings of Engin Isin in the context of the Palestinians in Israel. It opens with an invitation to think with an artwork by the Palestinian artist Durar Bacri as a staging of fugitivity through a refusing of that which has been […]

Abstract: While many of the health disparities, brought on by the cruelties of settler colonization, that affect Native American andAlaskan Native communities and individuals at high rates have been documented, the health risks impacting non-federally recognized tribes are less explored. In this manuscript, we explore the challenges nonrecognized tribes face and how without Tribal sovereignty, […]

Description: The movement of millions of settlers to Siberia in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries marked one of the most ambitious undertakings pursued by the tsarist state. Colonizing Russia’s Promised Land examines how Russian Orthodoxy acted as a basic building block for constructing Russian settler communities in current-day southern Siberia and northern Kazakhstan. Russian state […]

Abstract: Indigenous Peoples have a rich and long-standing connection with the environments that they descend from—a connection that has informed a deep and multifaceted understanding of the relationship between human well-being and the environment. Through cultural narratives and practices, much of this knowledge has endured despite the ongoing effects that colonization has had on many […]

Abstract: We know that the settler societies known as Quebec and Canada were imperialist during the “new imperialism” era, but do we really know the process through which they became imperialist? During this period, schools provided the geographic knowledge and emotional place-attachment necessary for the consolidation of settler-colonialism. At the same time, youth imagined their […]

Abstract: Calls for decolonizing knowledge production are increasing considerably. Yet the domination of knowledge production by English-speaking, neoliberal, Western countries continues, with understandings and assumptions often irrelevant and unimportant to southern countries, and can contain racialized portrayals of the people of the developing world. Palestinians under Israeli military rule have also become governed by neoliberal […]

Abstract: We provide an historical essay synthesising the macro societal processes that affected Indigenous peoples’ entrepreneurial and trade activities in Canada from pre-contact to 1920. Adopting Indigenous entrepreneurship and institutional theory lenses, we find that the evolution of legal, political, and socio-economic forces converged to undermine Indigenous peoples’ entrepreneurial activity and well-being in Canada. Our […]

Abstract: The study of the regulation of “mixed” intimacies between Italian settlers and people that fell under Italian colonial rule can clarify processes of racialization of subaltern social groups while pointing at the construction of Italian whiteness in the colonial environment. However, research on mixed intimacies during Italian colonialism has focused solely on the Eastern […]

Abstract:Premier of Alberta Danielle Smith’s comments comparing the Alberta Sovereignty Within a United Canada Act with the Indian Act has sparked widespread outrage and condemnation. Premier Smith would later clarify these remarks to show they were intended to demonstrate that Alberta and First Nations have a “common problem” with Ottawa (Alberta, 2022b: 385). In this […]