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Heejin Jun, ‘Formation of Modern Literary Field: Intersection of Gender and Coloniality in Korean History’, DPhil Dissertation, The University of Michigan 2010. Abstract: This dissertation begins with several questions regarding colonial modernity, gender and nationalism in colonial Korea. Why do some New Women, especially female writers, get memorialized as ideal models, and others do not? […]

Margaret D. Jacobs, White Mother to a Dark Race: Settler Colonialism, Maternalism, and the Removal of Indigenous Children in the American West and Australia, 1880-1940, Univeristy of Nebraska Press, 2009. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, indigenous communities in the United States and Australia suffered a common experience at the hands of state […]

The symposium “Gender and Settler Colonialism” was held last friday at the Institute of Postcolonial Studies, North Melbourne. To get an idea of the areas covered, have a look at the program. Keynote: Angela Wanhalla, ‘Intimate Moments, Racial Pasts, Colonial Histories’ Chair: Kat Ellinghaus ‘Intimacy, Space and Types/Representations of Indigenous Women’ Chair: Lynette Russell Penelope […]

Coming up in Melbourne soon is this symposium on gender and settler colonialism. I will certainly attend and hopefully post some reflections about it afterwards. Here is some info: Friday 19 March, 9.45am-5.15pm Institute of Postcolonial Studies (54 Curzon St, Nth Melbourne) Confirmed speakers and commentators include: Ann Curthoys (Sydney), Patricia Grimshaw (Melbourne), Lynette Russell (Monash), […]

Richard Phillips, “Settler Colonialism and the Nuclear Family”, Canadian Geographer / Le Géographe Canadien 53, 2, 2009: ABSTRACT Colonial societies revolved around nuclear families. Though they often seemed natural, universal and inevitable, colonial nuclear families were in fact produced through a series of laws and customs that regulated sex and marriage. These legal, social and […]

Daniel M. Anderson, “Sexual Threat and Settler Society: ‘Black Perils’ in Kenya, 1907-30”, Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 38, 1, 2010. Abstract: This essay deals with ‘black peril’ scares in colonial Kenya, reviewing the evidence of reported cases of sexual assaults to provide a detailed account of their social and cultural resonance for settler […]

Scott Lauria Morgensen, “Settler Homonationalism: Theorising Settler Colonialism within Queer Modernities”, GLQ: A journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, 16 (2010):  Abstract: Settlement conditions the formation of modern queer subjects and politics in the United States. This essay newly interprets the settler formation of U.S. queer modernities by inspiration of Jasbir Puar’s critique of homonationalism. […]

Laura J. Mitchell has published a brilliant monograph on the VOC, settlers, and natives in early Southern Africa.  The book analyses contact, law and order, settler life, Khoisan resistance and Company authority all in one neat package – and is arranged beautifully. Congratulations to Dr. Mitchell for her fantastic monograph, and for her decision to […]