‘secret pool of surviving bushmen’


Kevin Davie, of the Mail and Guardian:

What languages do you speak, I asked?

“Afrikaans and Zulu,” she said.

“Does that mean you are Zulu?”

“Nee, ek is ‘n Boesman.”

Kleintjie, who usually lives in Middelburg, is an aunt to Taki and Wole. The group of four, all of whom described themselves as Boesmanne, included daughter Elizabeth and son Rooipiet as well a relative, Linda van Rooi.

Kleintjie said she had a Zulu father and a Bushman mother. We asked how she knew that she was a Bushman if her father was black. She replied that her physical characteristics, notably her hair, are those of a Bushman.

She used to work in a kitchen but, other than piece work, the group does not have jobs or access to government grants. Kleintjie has no knowledge of the history of the Bushmen or how they came to live at Chrissiesmeer.

hat tip, Luke S.

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