pete kakel on the american west and the nazi east


Carroll P. Kakel III., The American West and the Nazi East: A Comparative and Interpretive Perspective (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011).

The American West and the Nazi East is a unique exploration of the conceptual and historical relations between the Early American and Nazi-German national projects of territorial expansion, racial cleansing, and settler colonization in their respective ‘western’ and ‘eastern’ empires, along with their associated campaigns of extreme political violence against ‘native’ indigenous peoples.

Kakel locates the Early American national project in ‘the West’ as a central part of the histories of imperialism, colonialism, and genocide, and offers a unique window on to the colonial origins, content, and context of the Nazi national project in ‘the East’, including the Holocaust. By asking new questions of supposedly familiar historical events and periods, this book brings to light the unexpected and unsettling connections between the ‘American West’ and the ‘Nazi East’, and links histories previously thought of as totally unrelated.

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