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Lorenzo Veracini, ‘District 9 and Avatar: Science Fiction and Settler Colonialism’, Journal of Intercultural Studies 32, 4 (2011) District 9 and Avatar are extraordinarily alike: both released in 2009, they tell a very similar story (even if they frequently invert the value signs). One would think that the scriptwriters have collaborated in some way. The […]

Ruth Hall, ‘Land grabbing in Southern Africa: the many faces of the investor rush’, Review of African Political Economy 38, 128 (2011) [Special Issue: LAND: A NEW WAVE OF ACCUMULATION BY DISPOSSESSION IN AFRICA?] The popular term ‘land grabbing’, while effective as activist terminology, obscures vast differences in the legality, structure and outcomes of commercial […]

Mark Meuwese, ‘The Dutch Connection: New Netherland, the Pequots, and the Puritans in Southern New England, 1620–1638’, Early American Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal 9, 2 (2011). Although most historical studies of the Pequot War acknowledge the existence of a trade alliance between the Pequots and the Dutch preceding the outbreak of the English-Pequot conflict, scholars […]