ran greenstein on israel, apartheid and hasbara


It is not common for the Hasbara machine, disseminating Israeli state propaganda, to be exposed in such a way. As if by coincidence, two expatriate South African Jews, with a bit of a liberal reputation, came out of retirement to produce almost identical pieces for the press, rejecting the analogy between Israel and apartheid. That both have chosen to do that at the same time, using the same arguments and examples, raises an obvious suspicion that they speak from an identical script which looks as if it was produced by officials in the Israeli Ministry against Delegitimisation.


Having ignored the existence of refugees, Goldstone and Pogrund proceed conveniently to forget other components of the situation. Take settlers. Who? Good question. In their version of reality, the 1967 occupation is a temporary security measure that would end with successful negotiations. That the ‘peace process’ has served to entrench Israeli control over the territories, and has resulted in hundreds of settlements and hundreds of thousands of settlers, products of hundred billion US dollars in investment, is not something of which they seem aware. Goldstone, for example, tells us that the ‘security fence’, AKA the ‘apartheid wall’, aims to prevent terrorist attacks. If so, why is it not built on the Green Line, to separate Israel from the territories? Why is it constructed to include maximum land and settlers but exclude as many of the local as possible? Why does investment in settlements, roads, housing and infrastructure continue, making negotiations (over the ever-shrinking remaining land) increasingly meaningless? How long can this situation be regarded as ‘temporary’, when it has lasted longer than apartheid did, and shows no signs of coming to an end? On the contrary, it continues to expand and shape not only what is happening in the territories but also in Israel ‘proper’, thus making the distinction between the two irrelevant.

Ran Greenstein of JNews Blog.

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  1. 1 derickwrite

    It is such a pity that the “average Jew” who just want a peaceful life is being endangered by the world “domination wannabees”. My contact with Jews over the past two years were marred by near hysterical type of reactions.

    Honest efforts at trying to understand were dubbed “Jew Hater”, “Anti-Semitist” and what not. Swearing and general bad behavior on blogs forums etc to honest questions seems to be the standard.

    I have sympathy with Jew history, but as one very hated “holocaust denier” puts it: “The average Zionist Jew has lost all perspective and ability to carry a reasonable and formal debate regarding Palestine”.

    One has to wander who are the evil people that controls the Jewish tribal psyche? It certainly is not to the advantage of the “average” Jew.

  2. The reason the barrier was built where it was is that Israel has a dysfunctional party and political system similar to that of the French Fourth Republic. Just as France was unable to leave Algeria until it had abolished its parliamentary system and replaced it with a semi-presidential system under De Gaulle, Israel will be unable to leave the West Bank until it institutes serious major electoral reform by either replacing its list proportional representation system or significantly raising the barrier to entry to the Knesset so as to reduce the total no. of parties and increase the size of the larger parties.

    Israeli Jews and their supporters regard them(selves) as returned natives, not as settlers. In this like everything else there is a zero-sum dynamic with the Palestinians usually attempting to deny any Jewish connection to the land. Because Palestinians, the international Left, etc. regard the settler issue totally as a way of undermining the legitimacy of Israel, of course it is denied by Israelis that they are settlers. And the adjectival form of Jew in English isJewish, those who insist on using Jew as in Jew history expose themselves as either ignorant of proper English or anti-semitic or both.

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