special issue ijmgr: ‘contrasted perspectives on recognition and implementation of indigenous rights’


International Journal on Minority and Group Rights 18, 4 (2011). Special Issue: Contrasted Perspectives on Recognition and Implementation of Indigenous Rights.

Ndahinda, Felix. ‘Contrasted Perspectives on Recognition and Implementation of Indigenous Rights’.

Swepston, Lee. ‘Discrimination, Indigenous and Tribal Peoples, and Social Indicators’

Courtis, Christian. ‘Notes on the Implementation by Latin American Courts of the ILO Convention 169 on Indigenous Peoples’

He, Baogang. ‘The Contested Politics of Asian Responses to Indigenous Rights’

Ndahinda, Felix Mukwiza. ‘Marginality, Disempowerment and Contested Discourses on Indigenousness in Africa’

Sing’Oei, Korir. ‘Engaging the Leviathan: National Development, Corporate Globalisation and the Endorois’ Quest to Recover their Herding Grounds’

Suksi, Marku. ‘Asymmetric Autonomy and the Settlement of Ethnic Conflicts’

Odello, Marco. ‘On Cultural Rights: The Equality of Nations and the Minority Legal Tradition’

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