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Zapiro’s pen, form Sunday Times (19 Feb 2012). See more here. Hat-tip, LK.

David McCallum, ‘Liberal Forms of Governing Australian Indigenous Peoples’, Journal of Law and Society 38, 4 (2011) This article considers three different historical events from the point of view of their connections to aspects of the history of liberal political reason: the actions of the British in New South Wales in the early nineteenth century […]

Michael Sommer, ‘Colonies – Colonisation – Colonialism: A Typological Reappraisal’, Ancient East and West 10 (2011). Colonies, colonisation and, in particular, colonialism are concepts carrying heavy ideological subtexts – yet they loom over the current debate about the dynamism of the Iron Age Mediterranean. Forty years after M.I. Finley’s ‘attempt at a typology’, this paper […]

Günther Schlee, ‘Review: Settler Colonialism: Politics, Identity, and Culture’, Ethnic and Racial Studies, forthcoming. It begins: Most of the twenty contributors to this volume work in departments of English or Literature, but this volume is also of great interest to sociologists, anthropologists and political scientists. I regret that, for this review, I can only single […]