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8th Annual Indigenous and American Studies Storytellers’ Conference, 23-4 March, addressing the global and transnational phenomenon of settler colonialism.

On any continent or in any region in which they appear, colonizing settlers are not just migrants. Dutch, Roman, Israeli, Spanish, English, Chinese — whatever their origins, they are invaders who come to stay and carry with them a sense of supreme or ultimate power. After overcoming indigenous populations, they establish political orders and, in general, make use of native labor before trying to make try those natives vanish.

“Settler colonialism” is a subset of the scholarly field of colonial studies, but the phenomenon is studied, as well, in the fields of law, history, genocide studies, indigenous and postcolonial studies, historical geography, philosophy, gender studies and in virtually all the social sciences.

We are glad to hear good resonances across academia, and wish we could attend what promises to be an exciting and theoretically sound symposium.

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