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David B. Coplan, ‘People of the Early Caledon River Frontier and Their Encounters’, African Historical Review 44, 2 (2012). When the early white settlers began crossing the Orange River during the early nineteenth century, they claimed to have found an empty land, and not to have encountered the San (‘Bushman’), Euro-Khoe (‘Bastaard’/Griqua and Koranna) and […]

Settler Colonial Studies is a field of research which has developed dynamically in recent years. Most of the scholarly work, however, focusses on theoretical and conceptual questions, as Tracey Banivanua-Mar and Penelope Edmonds have emphasized in their volume Making Settler Colonial Space (2010). Analyzing the relationships of power, the violent acts as well as the […]

Julie Evans, Ann Genovese, Alexander Reilly, and Patrick Wolfe (Eds), Sovereignty: Frontiers of Possibility (University of Hawai’i Press, 2012). Unparalleled in its breadth and scope, Sovereignty: Frontiers of Possibility brings together some of the freshest and most original writing on sovereignty being done today. Sovereignty’s many dimensions are approached from multiple perspectives and experiences. It is viewed […]

Lisa Ford and Tim Rowse (eds), Between Indigenous and Settler Governance (Routledge 2012). Between Indigenous and Settler Governance addresses the history, current development and future of Indigenous self-governance in four settler-colonial nations: Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. Bringing together emerging scholars and leaders in the field of indigenous law and legal history, […]

Dominic O’Sullivan, ‘Globalization and the Politics of Indigeneity’, Globalizations 9, 5 (2012). Indigenous peoples inevitably associate globalization with imperial expansion and the colonization of their territories. One associated scholarly view is that globalization’s focus on capital accumulation sets aside indigenous cultural priorities to undermine self-determining authority over lands and resources (Fenelon and Hall, 2008; Friedman, […]

‘Roundtable Q&A’, Puerto del Sol 47, 2 (2012). Roundtable Discussion featuring Jacqueline Dutton, Daniel Heath Justice, Kim Stanley Robinson and Lorenzo Veracini. 

Prosper Nobirabo Musafiri, ‘Right to Self-Determination in International Law: Towards Theorisation of the Concept of Indigenous Peoples/National Minority?’, International Journal on Minority and Group Rights 19, 4 (2012). The problem of the concept of the right to self-determination under international human rights is that it is vague and imprecise. It has, at the same time, […]

Lee E. Dutter, ‘Return of the Natives: Explaining the Development and Non-Development of Political Action by Indigenous Peoples in Democratic Political Systems’, International Journal on Minority and Group Rights 19, 4 (2012). Studies of individuals or groups who might use violence or terrorism in pursuit of political goals often focus on the specific actions which […]

Brian Egan and Jessica Place, ‘Minding the gaps: Property, geography, and Indigenous peoples in Canada’, Geoforum (2012). Indigenous peoples’ property rights are hotly debated in legal, policy, and academic circles across Canada. This article explores three such debates in which Indigenous peoples and lands are centrally implicated: debates over implementing fee simple ownership on Indigenous […]

Carol Schick, ‘White resentment in settler society’, Race Ethnicity and Education (2012). Teaching about the history and culture of aboriginal peoples in schools of white settler societies can serve as a counter to the dominant story that serves as the national narrative. Even though the actual teaching may well be among the least political and […]