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The point is that justice was always going to elude Trayvon Martin, not because the system failed, but because it worked. Martin died and Zimmerman walked because our entire political and legal foundations were built on an ideology of settler colonialism — an ideology in which the protection of white property rights was always sacrosanct; predators […]



Khoisan activists evicted for occupying a block of flats illegally in District Six erected a “matjieshuis” in the area on Sunday as a tribute to their aboriginal ancestors. Tania Kleinhans, co-founder of the Institute for the Restoration of the Aborigine of South Africa (Irasa), one of the occupiers who had to vacate the flats meant […]

J. Moufawad-Paul, ‘Sublimated Colonialism: The Persistence of Actually Existing Settler-Colonialism’, Philosophy Study 3, 3 (2013). In my paper, “Sublimated Colonialism: The Persistence of Actually Existing Settler-Colonialism,” I interrogate the remaining settler-colonialisms that refused to disappear during the epoch of decolonization. I am most concerned with those settler-colonialisms that persist at the centers of world capitalism, and examine […]

Kurt Eppinger’s community of German Christians arrived in the Holy Land to carry out a messianic plan – but after less than a century its members were sent into exile, the vision of their founding fathers brought to an abrupt and unhappy end. The Germans were no longer welcome in what had been first a […]

Six Native American tribes in the US state of Virginia are campaigning to win formal recognition from the federal government. The tribes claim they have been denied their proper rights – enjoyed by 565 other tribes in the US which do have official status – since a 1920s state law on “racial integrity” decreed that […]

Kristyn Harman, ‘Protecting Tasmanian Aborigines: American and Queensland Influences on the Cape Barren Island Reserve Act, 1912’, JICH (iFirst 2013). Early twentieth-century Tasmanian discourses about racial difference reflected trans-imperial connections between England, its colonies, and the United States. This globalised discourse and ideological interconnectedness in turn produced recognisably and intentionally similar policies, although historians bounded […]

The Palestinian national movement and the anti-colonial struggle Presented by Ran Greenstein Date:  Monday, 29 July, 2013 – 15:00   Seminars will be held in the WISER seminar room from 3:00 to 4:30pm. Participants must read the paper prior to the seminar. The paper will typically only be available on the Friday preceding the seminar. […]

Swinburne Institute for Social Research Democracy & Justice – Special Seminar Wednesday, 17 July, 13:00-15:00, BA912 (Hawthorn Campus) ‘Comparative Contemporary Frontiers’ Alex Young and Timothy Neale Two brief papers followed by discussion Discussant: Lorenzo Veracini ‘“Are Mexicans Indigenous?” Settler Colonialism as A Paradigm for The Study of The U.S.-Mexico Borderlands’, Alex Young, University of Southern California […]

WHEN President Jacob Zuma opened an exhibition in Cape Town recently commemorating the centenary of the Natives Land Act of 1913, he reaffirmed his government’s commitment to resolving the “land question” and declared that state-led land restitution remained key to the liberation of South Africa — echoing sentiments two decades old and just as catchy […]