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We are calling for contributions to an edited collection on settler colonialism in world history, to be published by Routledge in 2015. The collection has a large scope, and features contributions by specialists in their field. We are currently seeking the remaining contributions: settler colonialism in New Spain, and the American west generally, from contact […]

Shirleene Robinson, ‘Regulating the race: Aboriginal children in private European homes in colonial Australia’, Journal of Australian Studies 37, 3 (2013). This article focuses on the incorporation of Aboriginal children into European families on a private basis in the colonial era. While state-based missions and reserves were central sites where Aboriginal children were placed, other […]

Lorenzo Veracini, ‘Why Settler Australia Needs Refugees’, Arena Magazine (2013). Australia’s newest refugee policy, like its predecessors, is ostensibly designed to address the refugee ‘problem’. However, in this article I argue that beside concerns about ‘national interest’, ‘security’, and ‘border protection’, asylum seekers—dehumanised people piled up in different configurations outside of its borders—are useful, indeed necessary, […]

Kate Bowan, ‘”…that keen interest we have for the strange and the rare…”: The Radio Broadcasts of Adelaide composer Hooper Brewster-Jones (1930–1933)’, Journal of Music Research Online 1 (2009). The surviving transcripts of Adelaide composer Hooper Brewster-Jones’s lecture broadcasts given in the early 1930s on Adelaide’s recently established ABC radio station 5CL reveal a cosmopolitan […]

The Times (SA) (5/8/2013).

Our right to the land is entrenched in history. It is undisputed.We have ancestral rights to the land because it was not granted or sold to anybody. The land belonged to aborigines who were there long before Europeans settled. […] But colonialists took the aborigines and classified them as coloured. Then these “coloureds” had to […]

James L. Flexner, ‘Historical Archaeology, Contact, and Colonialism in Oceania’, Journal of Archaeological Research (August 2013). The archaeology of colonialism can destabilize orthodox historical narratives because of its critical engagement with multiple lines of evidence, revealing ways that different perspectives can complement or contradict what was assumed to be known about the past. In Oceania, archaeology […]

Karen Hughes, ‘”I’d grown up as a child amongst natives”: Ruth Heathcock (1901-1995) – disrupting settler-colonial orthodoxy through friendship and cross-cultural literacy in creolised spaces of the Australian contact zone’, Outskirts online journal 28 (2013). Growing up in the small River Murray town of Wellington, South Australia as the twentieth century turned, Henrietta (Ruth) Sabina […]

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Poetic Craft and White-Settler Colonialism: A workshop on Australian and South African poetics. 13-14 September 2013, University of Western Sydney Bankstown campus (Bullecourt Ave, Milperra). This workshop will bring together eminent Australian and South African poets and critics to con-sider how poets in societies with a white settler history think about their world through their […]