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Jeffrey Monaghan, Mounties in the Frontier: Circulations, Anxieties, and Myths of Settler Colonial Policing in Canada’, Journal of Canadian Studies 47, 1 (2013). Examining correspondence records from 1886 onward, this essay details how the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP) established patrol routes in the year following the North-West Rebellion. Discussing how patrols were intended to enhance […]

Alyosha Goldstein, ‘Finance and Foreclosure in the Colonial Present’, Radical History Review 118 (2014). The Claims Resolution Act (CRA) of 2010, which brought together and financed a series of historic US civil rights and Native American class-action lawsuit settlements, serves as the lens through which this essay examines debates over accountability, debt, and reconciliation and provides […]

Dolores Calderon, ‘Speaking back to Manifest Destinies: a land education-based approach to critical curriculum inquiry’, Environmental Education Research (2013). This article examines the ways in which settler colonialism shapes place in the social studies curriculum, producing understandings of land and citizenship in educational settings. To do this, the author uses the emergent framework of land […]

Brian Gettler, ‘Money and the Changing Nature of Colonial Space in Northern Quebec: Fur Trade Monopolies, the State, and Aboriginal Peoples during the Nineteenth Century’, Histoire sociale/Social history 46, 92 (2013) An examination of the shifting boundaries of monetary space in nineteenth-century Quebec underlines the importance of currency to the processes of colonial expansion and […]

Sean Carleton, ‘Illustrating Racism: Challenging Canada’s Racial Amnesia with Comics’, Histoire sociale/Social history 46, 92 (2013). bit in lieu of abstract: It has been ten years since Chester Brown challenged Canadian historians to think more carefully about comic books with the publication of Louis Riel: A Comic-Strip Biography. Over the past decade, comics with historical […]

Katrine Barber, ‘Shared Authority in the Context of Tribal Sovereignty: Building Capacity for Partnerships with Indigenous Nations’, Public Historian 35, 4 (2013). Indigenous and non-Indigenous public history partnerships present unique challenges. Historical colonial practices and their present persistence, divergent historical perspectives, and disciplinary standards that enforce antiquated notions of objectivity and historical truth complicate the […]