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Richard O Clemmer, ‘Anthropology, the indigenous and human rights: Which billiard balls matter most?’, Anthropological Theory 14, 1 (2014). Anthropology is uniquely positioned to open a new dimension of critical human rights discourse based on engaging indigenous rights. Moving toward a critical anthropology of human rights begins from the UN Declaration on the Rights of […]

Stephen Winter, Transitional Justice in Established Democracies: A Political Theory (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014). Truth commissions, official apologies and reparations are just some of the transitional justice mechanisms embraced by established democracies. This groundbreaking work of political theory explains how these forms of state redress repair the damage state wrongdoing inflicts upon political legitimacy. Richly illustrated […]

Forum Indigeneity’s Difference: Methodology and the Structures of Sovereignty, J19: The Journal of Nineteenth-Century Americanists 2, 1 (2014). Jodi A. Byrd, ‘Introduction’. Frederick E. Hoxie, ‘Sovereignty’s Challenge to Native American (and United States) History’. Manu Vimalassery, ‘Counter-sovereignty’. Alyosha Goldstein, ‘Colonialism, Constituent Power, and Popular Sovereignty’.

Norbert Finzsch, ‘Settler Colonialism, Settler Imperialism, Settler Communities, Settler Sovereignty: Neue Konzepte der Sozialgeschichtsschreibung’, H-Net Reviews (2014). Die Begriffe “Settler Colonialism” und “Settler Imperialism” sind neu im Arsenal der Geschichtswissenschaft; ebenso neu wie die 2011 gegründete Zeitschrift „Settler Colonial Studies”, die namhafte Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler aus den Gebieten der Genocide Studies, der postkolonialen Schule und der Geschichte […]

Sarah Maddison & Laura J. Shepherd, ‘Peacebuilding and the postcolonial politics of transitional justice’, Peacebuilding (2014 iFirst). The literature on transitional justice tends to conceive of transition as a bounded process that takes place immediately following a conflict, rather than envision the process as part of building peace. Significantly, this literature tends to separate historical conflict […]

Now the settler-colonial societies are particularly interesting in this regard because you have a conflict within them. Settler-colonial societies are different than most forms of imperialism; in traditional imperialism, say the British in India, the British kind of ran the place: They sent the bureaucrats, the administrators, the officer corps, and so on, but the […]

Property Rights, Land and Territory in the European Overseas Empires Lisbon, 26-27 June 2014 The occupation of territories, the rule over land and the definition of property rights, either de jure or de facto, were major concerns in the making and long-term development of almost every European overseas empire. They were also deeply interrelated with […]