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Catherine Hall, ‘Gendering Property, Racing Capital’, History Workshop Journal 77, 1 (2014). This essay started life as a lecture at the conference convened in 2014 to consider the directions in ‘History after Hobsbawm’. What are the resonances of Hobsbawm’s work in the present and what are the new directions that have been marked out in […]

Mark McGranaghan, ‘Different people’ coming together: representations of alterity in ∣Xam Bushman (San) narrative’, Critical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies 28, 4 (2014). Colonial processes around the world had major impacts on the indigenous populations with whom colonists interacted – this is particularly true for small-scale populations that relied heavily on foraging subsistence practices. Historical […]

Michael Titlestad, ‘South African end times: Conceiving an apolcalyptic imaginary’, Tydskrif vir Letterkunde 51, 2 (2014). The future of South Africa has most commonly been conceived as a prospective apocalyptic upheaval in which the nation fractures along race lines. This expectation preceded, but informed the rise of apartheid, and has accompanied its demise. This article […]