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Rosaura Sánchez, Beatrice Pita, ‘Rethinking Settler Colonialism’, at the end of their guest issue in American Quarterly 66, 4 (2014). The year 1948 was the Nakba, the year of catastrophe for Palestinians. For Mexicans in the US Southwest, Nakba came in 1848, with Mexico’s loss of almost half of its territory and the signing of […]

Mabogo Percy More, ‘Locating Frantz Fanon in Post-Apartheid South Africa’, Journal of Asian and African Studies (online December 11, 2014 ) There is a huge re-emergence of Frantz Fanon’s ideas and an equally huge interest in his work in post-apartheid South Africa, both in the academy and social movement and organizations. Contrary to some commentators, […]

Rob White, ‘Indigenous Young People and Hyperincarceration in Australia’, Youth Justice (Online December 2014). This article describes and analyses the over-representation of Indigenous, young people in Australian juvenile justice. It contextualises this over-representation, through a brief discussion of colonialism and its continuing impacts. The concept of hyperincarceration is then used to describe the patterns of […]

Ken Gelder and Rachael Weaver, ‘Towards a Genealogy of Minor Colonial Australian Character Types’, Interventions Published online: 15 Dec 2014 The business of colonization is often understood in terms of global frameworks, large-scale movements and top-down, ‘abstract’ perspectives; in which case, the turn to minor characters in the colonized world might seem almost like an […]