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Excerpt: Quite frankly, living as an Indigenous person in the United States of Amerikkka is difficult. For me, adding my blackness to the mix makes it even more challenging. But this essay is not about the difficulty of living in a settler colonial society, where we live in a constant state of occupation/colonialism/racism and other […]

Description: Kenya’s white settlers have been alternately celebrated and condemned, painted as romantic pioneers or hedonistic bed-hoppers or crude racists. The souls of white folk examines settlers not as caricatures, but as people inhabiting a unique historical moment. It takes seriously – though not uncritically – what settlers said, how they viewed themselves and their […]

Abstract: Since Hannah Arendt’s essay on the ‘Origins of Totalitarianism’ in 1951, there has been a vivid scholarly debate about a nexus between Imperial Germany’s colonial endeavours in Africa and the Nazi occupation of Eastern Europe. Some historians have gone so far as to draw a direct line from the colonial massacres of Windhoek to […]

Description: The new world created through Anglophone emigration in the nineteenth century has been much studied. But there have been few accounts of what this world meant for Indigenous communities facing invasion by those emigrants. While settlers in the British Empire and the USA have been seen as participants in newly globalized networks, the Indigenous […]

Abstract: The desiccation theories formulated in the eighteenth century pointed out the connection between deforestation, rainfall reduction and climate change. After the ‘Scramble for Africa’ the conservation philosophy of the European colonial powers was based on anti-desiccation forest policy. This article seeks to consider how the concepts of ‘desiccationism’ were taken into account by the […]

Excerpt: The imprisonment and subsequent death of Osceola …

Excerpt (and link to sample chapter): French defeat in the Franco- Prussian War was swift; in less than two months of war, enemy troops had encircled Paris, captured the emperor Napoleon III, and left the government of the Second Empire discredited. This humiliating defeat in 1870 resulted in the unification of Germany, the loss of […]

Abstract: This article draws from disparate ethnographic sources to point to the ways in which the urbanization of Amazonia’s native populations is interconnected with their political struggle for rights to territory. This counterintuitive dynamic deserves greater attention, particularly because recent policy texts on indigenous urbanization obscure its possibility. Specifically, this work shows that, in Amazonia: […]

Abstract: Indigenous workforces have existed across the world since the creation of Earth. What has changed is the evolution of multicultural societies, governments, and landscapes that have become part of, or sit parallel to, sovereign Indigenous nations and their workforces. An international response to Employee Assistance Programming (EAP) and workplace health will be shared from […]

Excerpt: The William case presented two very different jurisprudential tracjectories on the question of Aboriginal title.