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Abstract: While the thesis will proceed with a step by step development of the core arguments from the political theory literature, followed by a detailed analysis of corresponding issues in the jurisprudence, it may help the reader to have a summary statement of the thesis argument from the very start. The core argument is that […]

See Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian and Adrien K. Wing: ‘Women in the West Bank’, pp. 59-70.

Abstract: Research has shown that incorporating Aboriginal education into the classroom can increase Aboriginal students’ engagement, interest, and academic success and thereby work towards closing the academic achievement gap that exists between Aboriginal and Settler students in Canada (Cherubini & Hodson, 2008; Kehoe & Echols 1994; Ledoux 2006; Wotherspoon & Schissel 1998). This qualitative research […]

Description: This book recovers the lost history of colonial Algeria’s communist movement. Meticulously researched – and the only English-language book on the Parti Communiste Algérien – it explores communism’s complex relationship with Algerian nationalism. During international crises, such as the Popular Front and Second World War years, the PCA remained close to its French counterpart, […]

Abstract: Traditional knowledge and oral traditions histry are crucial lines of evidence in Aboriginal claims litigation and alternative forms of resolution, most notably claims commissions. This articleexplores the ways in which these lines of evidence pose numerous challenges in terms of how and where they can be presented, who is qulifies to present it, questions […]

Excerpt: Upon its anonymous publication, Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s The Coming Race (1871) proved immensely popular …

Excerpt: Erewhon, or, The Place that is No-Place …

Abstract: This article examines the mutually constitutive nature of mob rule and rule of law, arguing that American histories of lynching indicate it has been a form of state-sanctioned violence rather than a result of ‘lawlessness.’ The article furthermore argues that pro-lynching discourses remain ubiquitous in contemporary US culture, despite ostensible rejection of the practice. […]

Abstract: This article offers a broad historical overview of the development of graphic design in South Africa and an analysis of a sample of recent South African graphic design informed by post-colonial theory, imperial studies and settler colonialism theory. The historical overview indicates how closely the development of graphic design in South Africa was implicated […]

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