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Abstract: Mobilities in settler states have become a defining feature of indigenous spatiality. This is mainly due to the structural disadvantage of indigenous communities in relation to urban locations. In Israel, Palestinian citizens are relocating to Jewish cities because of systemic discrimination, primarily in the allocation of land and housing construction permits in Arab locales. […]

Abstract: This paper examines tensions between mapping as a practice of nation building and the practice of applied anthropology and “counter-mapping” in Canada during the early 20th century as expressions of Indigenous territoriality. This research helps to correct a misconception within the scholarly community that counter-mapping as an applied practice within anthropology emerged during the […]

Abstract: As a strengths-based alternative to Western notions of enculturation and acculturation theory, cultural continuity describes the integration of people within their culture and the methods through which traditional knowledge is maintained and transmitted. Through reviewing relevant, original research with Indigenous Peoples in Canada and the United States, the purpose of this metasynthesis is to […]

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Excerpt: Since 1948, there have been numerous maximalist and minimalist proposals to resolve the fates of Palestinian refugees by those outside the homeland and those internally displaced within Israel. For the State of Israel and many Jewish Israelis, the ideal solution encompasses a hoped-for absorption (i.e. disappearance) of Palestinians into host countries elsewhere. For Palestinians, […]

Abstract: This chapter focuses on a specific mode of domination and its contemporary manifestations. It outlines what is here defined as the global settler colonial present: a predicament fundamentally characterised by a logic of elimination and containment rather than exploitation. This appraisal of a developing dispensation is offered as a reminder of the need to […]

Abstract: In this introduction, coeditors Eve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang discuss critically productive tensions that serve as the foundation for this issue’s theme of “what justice wants.” Tuck and Yang consider how justice operates as a catalytic concept in conversations like critical ethnic studies and among activists and organizers. The article addresses the limits […]

Abstract: This study examines the politics of Aboriginal title in British Columbia in the context of the approval process for the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal. We highlight presentations made by First Nations representatives and individuals during the Community Hearings for Oral Evidence stage of the Joint Review Panel, as well as the political actions of […]

Description: Building New China, Colonizing Kokonor: Resettlement to Amdo and Qinghai in the 1950s examines rural resettlement to the Sino-Tibetan cultural borderlands in the 1950s. More than 100,000 eastern Han and Hui Chinese were sent to Qinghai province—known in Mongolian as Kokonor and Amdo to Tibetans—to plow up new fields in areas that were being […]

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