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Description: Sources and Methods in Indigenous Studies is a synthesis of changes and innovations in methodologies in Indigenous Studies, focusing on sources over a broad chronological and geographical range. Written by a group of highly respected Indigenous Studies scholars from across an array of disciplines, this collection offers insight into the methodological approaches contributors take […]

Abstract: The creation of culturally meaningful landscapes through the naming, mapping and planning of places functioned to assert colonial ownership over the vast, seemingly unclaimed spaces of Western Australia. It also formed the backdrop upon which towns like Fremantle could be established, creating a sense of familiarity and belonging in an otherwise hostile environment. By […]

Abstract: This article uses the example of Mennonite nation-building in Paraguay during the 1920s and 1930s to argue that state formation is not inherently modernist. Tracing nineteenth and early twentieth-century discourses of Mennonite colonies in Imperial Russia, Canada, and elsewhere as a “state within a state,” the essay advocates a reevaluation of theories of modern […]

Narendran Kumarakulasingam, Decolonial Temporalities: Plural Pasts, Irreducible Presents, and Open Futures, Contexto Internacional: Journal of Global Connections, 38, 3, 2016.

Abstract: This dissertation reconstructs the political thought of Yankton Dakota activist-intellectual Vine Deloria, Jr. (1933–2005) in order to explore how Indigenous peoples in the Americas have developed a tradition of politically engaged, anti-colonial critique—a politics of decolonization. Since World War II, democratic theorists have mounted accounts of civic inclusion and multicultural representation to both invigorate […]

Abstract: The 1965 debate at Cambridge University between James Baldwin and William F. Buckley, Jr., posed the question: “Has the American Dream been achieved at the Expense of the American Negro?” Within the contours of the debate, Baldwin and Buckley wrestled with the ghosts of settler colonialism and slavery in a nation founded on freedom […]

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Excerpt: Two propositions to start: there is a significant parallel (or companionship) between settlers and weeds; and, there is also a significant parallel (or companionship) between the structures of settler colonialism and those of weed ecology. These are the propositions that I want to work through in what follows, propositions that draw upon both the […]