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Abstract: This book explores how the rule of power relates to the case of occupied Palestine, examining features of local dissent and international governance. The project considers expressions of the rule of power in two particular ways: settler colonialism and neoliberalism. As power is always accompanied by resistance, the authors engage with and explores forms of everyday resistance to the logics […]

Anstract: We argue that claims of racial progress rest upon untenable teleological assumptions founded in Enlightenment discourse. We examine the theoretical and methodological focus on progress and its historical roots. We argue research should examine the concrete mechanisms that produce racial stability and change, and we offer three alternative frameworks for interpreting longitudinal racial data and […]

Abstract: This article gathers together some Traditional Knowledge keepers’ understandings concerning the roles and responsibilities of Guests and Hosts. The responsibilities are mapped upon Wampum Belts and in this article include my understanding, as a Haudenosaunee woman. Through discussions with some Knowledge Keepers, examination of the relevant literature, and my own understandings of the issues, […]

Abstract: When it comes to appraising Italy’s colonial experience one characteristic stands out: the Italian colonial traditions are defined probably more than any other by concerns about emigration. From the Risorgimento to the early Republican period, Italian colonialisms are primarily informed by concerns over an excess of labour. The colonial situation, however, is typically defined […]

Abstract: In the last few decades, the United States has seen the proliferation of social movements that incorporate the word “justice.” [X] justice movements share several commitments. First, they both make use of, and are critical of, legal rights. Second, [X] justice movements embrace the concept of interacting subordinations. Third, they begin with land, water, […]

Abstract: Two key tenets of Sherene Razack’s scholarship are that racialized violence is always an identity-making practice and that settler violence against Indigenous people, in particular, is a violence that reassures white settler subjects that they rightly occupy Indigenous lands. With reference to Razack’s idea of the “spatiality” of racialized violence, I argue that regimes […]

Abstract: This article examines the fundamental role that prostitution has played in securing settler colonial domination over Indigenous peoples and lands in the historical and ongoing making of the Canadian nation-state. Using the theoretical and methodological framework developed by critical anti-racist feminist scholar Sherene Razack, this article offers a spatial analysis tracing how prostitution has […]

Abstract: The Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) has been mandated to collect testimonies from survivors of the Indian Residential Schools system. The TRC demands survivors of the residential school system to share their personal narratives under the assumption that the sharing of narratives will inform the Canadian public of the residential school legacy and will […]

Abstract: Towns that border American Indian reservations provide important contexts for studying relationships between educational institutions and marginalized communities. This study applies critical discourse methodologies to evaluate policies from districts bordering reservations, districts geographically distant from reservations, and districts located on reservations. Broadly, the study addresses the question, How do school admission policies perpetuate settler-colonialism? […]

Abstract: From residential schools and sterilizations to assimilation-driven adoption and foster care abuses, settler colonialism targets Indigenous women in their roles as the reproducers of Indigenous cultures and nations, deeming them unfit and meeting them with violence. Such policies, both historical and contemporary, fuel and inform ongoing attacks on Indigenous motherhood. In this essay, I […]