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Abstract: This response addresses aspects of biopolitical regulations by Canada, El Salvador, Australia, and the United States, as critically analyzed in the special issue. Each piece offers much to illuminate different modalities of regulating Indigenous lifeways and Indigenous peoples’ resistance to them on myriad grounds, and this response engages three particular themes that emerge from […]

Abstract: Drawing on recent Australian historiography, two works of Indigenous fiction, and the latest staggering figures on Indigenous incarceration and child removal, this article develops two main ideas. Firstly, a seamless ideological continuity exists between the biopolitics settler colonial Australia pursued in previous centuries and the striking resurgence today of those earlier biopolitical practices of […]

Abstract: All research is guided by a set of philosophical underpinnings. Indigenous methodologies are in line with an Indigenous paradigm, while critical and liberatory methodologies fit with the transformative paradigm. Yet Indigenous and transformative methodologies share an emancipatory and critical stance and thus are increasingly used in tandem by both Western and Indigenous scholars in an attempt to decolonize […]