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Abstract: Informed by theories of media representation, Orientalism, and settler colonialism, this research endeavours to contribute to the discussion on the impact of media representation within a specific political context. It intends to reveal the power dimensions and ideological positions embedded in dominant media discourses in North America. Five news videos, three from Canadian, and […]

Abstract: The thematic foci of the Franco-Algerian war films of decolonization have shifted in the last few decades from evoking triumphalist discourses and redemptive fictional narratives to producing powerful transnational antiwar stories. While being critical of the violent history of colonization, defying earlier French governments’ oppressive forms of censorship, and addressing the history of colonial […]

Abstract: This thesis aims to map out the relationship between fascism and settler colonialism in Canada. In the first chapter, I go through a number of theories of fascism, including by contemporary historians and 20th century Marxists. I draw on the work of Deleuze and Guattari and their distinction between molar and molecular (or micro) […]

Abstract: The main argument of this article is that Trump’s “Deal of the Century” (DoC) is part of a continuing settler-colonial project to transform Palestine and its identity from an Arab-Palestinian homeland into a Jewish-Zionist one.   The settler-colonial enterprise includes an attempt to change the existing reality and to replace it with a new […]

Abstract: In southwest Alaska, dominant narratives of subsistence and conservation are concerned predominantly with material relations with fish, with the number of fish that are killed. In Akiak, an Alaska Native (Yupiaq) village located along the Kuskokwim River, people’s relations with Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) extend beyond the material, encompassing also the temporal. In this […]

Abstract: Canadian national mythology promotes the widespread idea of a peaceful, tolerant, multicultural nation built by and composed of immigrants. This mythology functions to sustain the ongoing settler colonialism and genocide of Indigenous peoples in Canada. Using a case study of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I demonstrate how such a […]

Abstract: This article address photography’s embeddedness in histories of emigration and relocation. Photographs are integral pieces of life stories that take on new meanings as they circulate in history, while being told and retold. As catalysts of memories and postmemories they have the capacity to bring the hidden or difficult truths to the surface. This […]

Abstract: Historians of the United States have often described slavery as guided by the chattel principle. Yet in Black Reconstruction, W. E. B. Du Bois wrote, “No matter how degraded the factory hand, he is not real estate.” This article builds upon Du Bois’s description of slavery’s real estate basis and considers real estate as central […]

Abstract: Indigenous food activists and scholars have encouraged settler peoples to change relationships to land in settler colonial contexts such as Canada. In this paper I examine how settler food activists are responding to these calls by drawing from 25 interviews conducted with settler food activists working to change the dominant Canadian food system. Interviewees’ […]

Excerpt: The question is how to move off the scorched path. In this writing, we suggest that choosing a good path requires the revolutionary but also profoundly practical work of infrastructure. At the center of the Wiindigo’s violence and destruction is infrastructure’s seemingly banal and technical world. Wiindigo infrastructure has worked to carve up Turtle […]