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Abstract: This article assesses the RCMP’s forensic investigation into the death of Colten Boushie, the physical evidence at Gerald Stanley’s trial, and the differential treatment of Indigenous and settler Canadian witnesses throughout the process. The Stanley trial played out against a backdrop of concerns about systemic racism and anti-Indigenous bias within the Canadian legal system. […]

Abstract: The management of wildland fire in North America is premised on fire suppression, as has been the case for much of the last century. As the roles of wildland fire in ecosystem functions are better understood and the adverse impacts of fire suppression are made clear, wildland fire suppression approaches are being re-evaluated. In […]

Abstract: Solidarity is valuable praxis in this unequal world. The Real Rent Duwamish movement stands in solidarity with the federally unrecognized Duwamish Tribe. Real Rent Duwamish asks people who live in the Seattle area to pay rent as a way to redistribute resources and recognize continuous colonization. As a white European who sought to stand […]

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to examine the educational impulses and effects of Indigenous dialogue with the settler colonial state. Taking the Uluru Statement from the Heart, devised in May 2017 by a convention of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, as a starting point, and contrasting this with the 1967 Referendum campaign for […]

Abstract: Historians of the early republic all too often overlook how Indigenous peoples figured in the nation’s political economy. The artificial isolation of Native history from accounts of fiscal policy and economic development is all the more glaring in President Andrew Jackson’s era: In scholarship, survey courses, and textbooks, Jackson’s infamous Bank War and his […]

Abstract: The economic boom following the War of 1812 facilitated rapid settlement westward but the Panic of 1819 exposed the fragility of expansion built upon government credit. American settlers forced by debt to relinquish hundreds of thousands of acres back to the federal government flooded Washington with petitions for relief. The rhetoric of those petitions […]

Abstract: A particularly egregious example of settler injustice was the murder of a young nehiyaw man named Colten Boushie in August, 2016, shot in the head by a white farmer named Gerald Stanley. An all-white jury in Saskatchewan acquitted Stanley in February 2018, touching off demonstrations across the country. This article contextualizes the Stanley trial […]

Excerpt: There is a story that has been told and retold in Indigenous communities. In this oral tradition, Seneca farm hands, acquaintances of Joseph Smith, tutored him on the basics of the Gaiwí:yo, the Word taught by the prophet Handsome Lake. They thought “what the white people need to do is to take the best […]