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Abstract: The popular memory of the nineteenth century American West has long fixated on the thousands of trail emigrants who famously crossed the North American continent in search of wealth, adventure, and new lives. Historical and scholarly narratives have explored the ways that these massive overland migrations threatened, altered, and devastated Native American societies of […]

Abstract: Wooden crates are a recurring subject in the visual archive of settler colonialism in Canada’s Arctic, appearing on the shores of eastern Baffin Island throughout the first half of the twentieth century. Reading some of the hundreds of photographs that appear in the holdings of Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa, this essay charts […]

Abstract: In Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Franklin/Hiawatha encampment was established in the summer of 2018 only to be forcibly terminated during the winter of 2019, then revived again in 2020. Also called the “Wall of Forgotten Natives” by its inhabitants, this cluster of tents was comprised of houseless residents of the Twin Cities, many of whom […]

Abstract: This article focuses on the intersection of bodies, borders, and assisted reproductive technologies (ART) in Israel/Palestine. By turning to Palestinian women’s experiences in Israeli hospitals, the case of sperm smuggling in the West Bank, and Israeli medical staff’s perception of the fertility clinic, this article examines reproductive border-crossings. Israel’s fertility economy is thriving and […]

Abstract: Situated at the intersection of Indigenous, Canadian, British, and settler colonial literary studies, this dissertation is a transatlantic analysis of the personal and textual interactions of Drummond Island Métis interviewees, Ojibwe poet Jane Johnston Schoolcraft, British travel writer Anna Jameson, and British Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada Francis Bond Head in the Great Lakes […]

Abstract: The yeoman ideal of independent land-owning family-based farming had wide political appeal in North American and Australasian colonial settlements from the eighteenth century. The Governments of each Australian colony enthusiastically encouraged and variously supported yeoman settlement for a mix of social, political and economic reasons. Merchants and migrant miners of the mid-1850s were also […]

Excerpt: Facebook has provided a free and relatively easy solution to content sharing to interest groups. It also provided us with an accessible way to share our stories globally. Social media has been a useful tool for leap-frogging commercial media in Australia who have shown scant interest in our positive outcomes. Our media is more […]

Abstract: The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (xuar) is the site of the largest mass repression of an ethnic and/or religious minority in the world today characterised by extra-judicial detention of Uyghurs in ‘re-education’ centres, pervasive surveillance, and repression of Uyghur ethnic identity. While Beijing frames such draconian measures as necessary ‘counter-terrorism’ measures, the intersection between […]

Abstract: This article centres on stylized commemorative events staged in Israel in 1962 and 1982 to mark, respectively, 80 and 100 years since the consensual beginning of the “First Aliyah,” the first wave of Jewish rural settlement in Palestine. Focusing on protocols of 1962 and 1982 Knesset sessions, commemorative medals, military parades, summer camps, and […]

Excerpt: ‘The settler colonial turn away from flesh’.