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Abstract: This article discusses the contemporary history of South African social science in relation to the Azanian Philosophical Tradition. It is addressed directly to white scholars, urging introspection with regard to the ethical question of epistemic justice in relation to the evolution of the social sciences in conqueror South Africa. I consider the establishment of […]

Abstract: German geographer Friedrich Ratzel is best remembered today as the originator of the concept Lebensraum, which became the basis of National Socialist demands for “living space” in Eastern Europe during the Second World War. Historians have described Ratzel’s Lebensraum as a Darwinian concept influenced by his support of settler colonialism, and some have emphasized […]

Abstract: Although the literature on ethnicity is vast, studies have typically focused on minority groups, with white majorities, including Europeans in Aotearoa New Zealand, surprisingly absent. Demographic changes, however, and the decline of majorities, are altering politics and making white ethnicity more salient. (Re)assertions of dominance such as Brexit and the storming of Capitol Hill, […]

Abstract: This paper critically engages with Mbembe’s (2003) theory of necropolitics within the context of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. Part one of this paper provides a historical overview of the relationship between Indigenous Peoples in Canada and settlers. In the second section, Mbembe’s (2003) theory of necropolitics is examined. In the third and final section, […]

Abstract: In 1988 a local homeowner in Washington, DC, commissioned a 30-foot mural of an artwork by modernist painter Piet Mondrian on the side of a public housing building, along with several other similar murals across the street. Three months later all the residents of the public housing development were moved out. Later, the buildings […]

Abstract: This article will explore how settler colonialism must be situated in studies of Islamophobia and racial violence through a case study of the Christchurch Massacre. On 15 March 2019 Australian gunman Brenton Tarrant entered two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand and left having brutally killed 51 Muslims. Tarrant utilized the Internet to broadcast white […]

Description: Though First Nations communities in Canada have historically lacked access to clean water, affordable food, and equitable health care, they have never lacked access to well-funded scientists seeking to study them. Inventing the Thrifty Gene examines the relationship between science and settler colonialism through the lens of “Aboriginal diabetes” and the thrifty gene hypothesis, which posits […]

Abstract: Grand Portage National Monument preserves the late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century site for and history of the fur trade between the Anishinaabeg and Britain’s North West Company. The Monument’s remote location means tourists’ travel experiences getting there are an important part of their total heritage tourism experience of the site. The 150-mile drive up Minnesota’s North Shore of Lake Superior is dotted with historic and popular state parks, […]

Abstract: Global Indigenous history is on the rise. Increasing numbers of scholars and writers, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, are examining and articulating the ways in which Indigenous peoples have engaged, and even co-created, the larger processes we call globalisation and globalism. From studies of diasporic Indigenous populations and communities to accounts of Indigenous exploration and […]

Abstract: In 1913, government representatives from around the world gathered in Berne, Switzerland, to attend the First World Conservation Conference. Its convenor, the anthropologist Paul Sarasin, called for new global protocols that would govern the world’s evident capacity for inhumanity, greed, and destruction. The urgency of such an intervention, he advised, was no more evident […]