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Neve Gordon recently reviewed my latest book in the Times Higher Education. He has ‘reservations’, like the settler societies I have studied. His first critique is that I do not dwell on the Indigenous peoples who had to endure the settler invaders. True. I alert the reader to this issue, as Gordon also acknowledges, but […]

Abstract: One of the mysteries in contemporary world politics is why in recent years Australia has been leading the world in its hawkish approach to China, its largest trading partner. More than most of its allies, the Australian government seems to regard the China emergency — fuelled by threat perceptions ranging from foreign influence operations […]

Abstract: Through a discussion of the first Indigenous women students at the Hampton Agricultural and Normal Institute’s Indian Program in 1879 and the rhetoric surrounding their enrollment, this essay analyzes how raced and gendered discourses were highlighted in different ways at Hampton after Indigenous women began attending. I argue that settler colonial racial grammars underpin […]

Abstract: This is a short overview history of the relationship between Canadian historians and Canadian nationalism. It maps the historiography of Canadian nationalism against its significant manifestations in Canadian society and developments in nationalism scholarship internationally. Three conjunctures when the fate of the nation loomed large in Canadian historiography are featured. Evidence from the Canadian Historical […]

Abstract: The urban/rural dichotomy used in framing Indigenous educational issues is becoming increasingly untenable and deserving of scrutiny. Indigenous urban education follows initiatives derived from rural areas with the assumption that rural Indigenous education programs are pure or authentic. Without a critical examination of power relations, the flow of people and knowledge in the Indigenous […]

Abstract: In 2016 Tanya Tagaq – an Inuk artist from Cambridge Bay (Iqaluktuutiaq), Nunavut, known for her performances of a style of throat singing – released her fourth studio album, Retribution. Retribution’s final song is a cover of Nirvana’s “Rape Me.” Tagaq’s version speaks to certain realities faced by Indigenous women living in settler colonial […]

Abstract: The tendency of Indigenous people to direct their frustration and anger, due to oppression, toward members of their own group is known as lateral violence. While settler-colonization is often attributed as the main cause of lateral violence, research has not examined what specific aspects lead to lateral violence in Aboriginal communities. In a qualitative […]

Abstract: What role did migration play in the making of modern Britain? We now have a good sense of the way ethnicity, class, religion and gender structured immigrants’ experience and what impact they had on Britain’s culture, society and economy. But as Nancy Green pointed out almost two decades ago, scholars of migration must focus […]

Abstract: This integrative review seeks to employ insights from critical social psychology and Indigenous nation building governance research to advance an explanation for why Australian state policy continually fails to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and reproduces trauma. The review suggests that settler-colonial law and policy embed a history of […]

Extract: “E kore e piri te uku ki te rino” (Clay Does Not Stick To Steel; Te Whiti o Rongomai). The above whakataukī is a proverb that has had deep meaning in my life, and it has touched me on many levels. It is a guide in my activism as an Indigenist kairangahau. [researcher] It […]