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Abstract: At the beginning of Saskatchewan’s homesteading period, from 1880 to 1910, theHomesteading Hero Myth – a narrative that celebrates the courageous white farmer who enteredan unknown landscape and faced numerous hardships, only to succeed in breaking the land andcreating home – took shape. The Homesteading Hero Myth presents agricultural development ofSaskatchewan land as an […]

Manuel Lujan Cruz, ‘Weaving against settler media: ‘I Fanhigaiyan: weaving an alternative journalism praxis from CHamoru decolonization media activism’, AlterNative, 2022


Abstract: In this article, I theorize an Indigenous media framework drawn from conversations with journalists and Indigenous activists in Guåhan (Guam). I refer to this framework as I Fanhigaiyan, a Fino’CHamoru (CHamoru language) term which can mean a thing which weaves or a place for weaving. This term captures the essence of CHamoru (the Indigenous people of the […]

Abstract: TikTok, an app which allows users to create, share, and consume short-video content, is largely considered to be a “cultural aspect” of the ongoing 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. With its skyrocketing popularity, TikTok is quickly surpassing other forms of social media to become the dominant digital platform for those under 30. Accordingly, physical and online […]

Abstract: This paper traces the trajectory of scholarship on the settler colonial city and argues that this literature could pay closer attention to the dynamic circulations, movements, and mobilities that constitute and sustain urban space. It foregrounds the ways that the movement of commodities, capital, and people must be assiduously managed in order to preserve […]

Abstract: Since 2008, cryptocurrencies, or digital peer-to-peer currencies/assets, have amassed interest and proven unique in their ability to circumvent traditional financial institutions (disintermediation). The system can supersede the nation-state, while also garnering the attention of nation-states and marginalized groups. Indigenous individuals and Nations are among those interested in cryptocurrency, experimenting with it to express resistance […]

Abstract: The Council on Social Work Education made significant changes in 2022 to integrate anti-racist practices in social work education. However, this change in the social work education accreditation standards still neglects the persistent harms of settler colonialism. The unintended consequence of neglecting settler colonialism is ongoing violence of gendered, heteronormative, and colonial power relations […]

Abstract: In recent years, discourses in academic and activist circles increasingly emphasize the potential failures of identity politics, highlighting the tendency of political movements based in identity to prevent unity or become co-opted by elites. Because of this, many activist groups are reformulating or transcending the role of identity in their political movements. However, critics […]

Description: Even before the United States became a country, laws prioritizing access to credit set colonial America apart from the rest of the world. Credit Nation examines how the drive to expand credit shaped property laws and legal institutions in the colonial and founding eras of the republic. In this major new history of early America, Claire […]

Abstract: What happens when we pay attention to the sensations of our research? Based on an image and encounter during fieldwork in West Jerusalem, this article traces how a feeling of discomfort both confirms and challenges what we (think we) know about settler colonialism in Palestine/Israel. Rather than dismissing the moments when narratives, objects and […]

Abstract: Settler colonial theory has effectively highlighted the continuity of colonial structures, but less attention has been paid on how also the settler state has transformed over time, and how such changes have affected the manifold relationships between the state, the settlers and the natives. This article addresses trajectories of settler colonial change in Finland, […]