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Abstract: The first missionary efforts in the Massachusetts Bay Colony attracted the support of an aspiring Native American leader, Waban, who would become known as the first convert to Christianity in the colony. Waban’s distinctively limited confessions of faith, as related in the writings of Puritan missionaries, suggest he was pursuing a political solution to […]

Controlling the population economy one marriage at a time: Rawia Aburabia, ‘Settler colonial regulation of bigamous marriage across the Israeli/Palestinian border’, Territory, Politics, Governance, 2022


Abstract: This article examines how settler colonial states selectively enforce the law to pursue the goals of land acquisition and demographic control, focusing on Israel’s response to cross-border polygamy as practiced by Bedouins in Israel. Based on archival research and extensive textual analysis of policy debates within the Israeli authorities during the 1980s, it uncovers […]

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Abstract: This is part one of a series of two papers exploring a project that was conducted by two Australian Aboriginal researchers, one male and one female, and might be described as ‘reverse anthropology’, in the same way that people sometimes refer to positive discrimination as ‘reverse racism’. But we would just call it anthropology; […]

Description: This book provides a comparative historical study of the rise and evolution of anti-colonial movements in South Africa and Israel/Palestine. It focuses on the ways in which major political movements and activists conceptualised their positions vis-a-vis historical processes of colonial settlement and indigenous resistance over the last century. Drawing on a range of primary […]

Abstract: The era of closed stranger adoption is a significant part of Aotearoa New Zealand’s social and colonial history; some 80,000 children were legally adopted between the years 1955–1985. Māori children constituted a considerable proportion of these legal adoptions, although little attention has been given to their experiences. The relative silence surrounding this phenomenon exists […]

Abstract: Problem Behavior Theory (PBT) is an influential psychosocial theory that has shaped—and continues to shape—much research on adolescent development in the United States and abroad. It is the product of over a half‐century of research conducted by psychologists‐cum‐behavioral scientists Lee and Richard Jessor. This article engages two striking features of the history of PBT. […]

Abstract: In this paper, I examine how Israeli shepherd settlement outposts accompanied by other impositions act to decimate Palestinians’ land-based pastoralism in the Jordan Valley, and represent a deliberate mechanism of the Zionist state to disrupt indigenous eco-social practices. Focusing on the communities of Khirbet AlHadidya, Khirbet Makhoul and Al-Farisya, I find that the Israeli […]

Abstract: In 2015, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Canada released its final report on the Indian Residential Schools system and issued 94 calls to action. Education was identified as core to the reconciliation process. Universities across the country responded swiftly, acknowledging the calls as urgent and long overdue. Institution‐wide task forces were established, […]

A new introduction: Sai Englert, Settler Colonialism: An Introduction, Pluto Press, 2022


Description: From the Palestinian struggle against Israeli Apartheid, to First Nations’ mass campaigns against pipeline construction in North America, Indigenous peoples are at the forefront of some of the crucial struggles of our age. Rich with their unique histories, characteristics, and social relations, they are connected by the shared enemy they face: settler colonialism. In […]