wilcox J. on the gas companies and the kimberley coast


I’ve had considerable difficulty finding more details about the book launched yesterday in Sydney by former Federal Court judge, Murray Wilcox, entitled Kimberley at the Crossroads: The Case Against the Gas Plant. This from ABC Online:

“It’s a funny situation isn’t it, that Aboriginal people are expected to give up their cultural heritage for the sake of basic rights such as education and health. That isn’t a rule that is applied to the rest of the population,” he said.

“I don’t see why it should be applied to Aboriginal people.”

Judge Wilcox has the support of some Indigenous people.

Goolarabooloo lawman Joseph Roe says the proposal poses a threat to Indigenous culture.

He says he is prepared to do what is needed to stop it.

“There is people there still looking after the country in a very strong way,” he said.

“There is still people using it today for sustenance fletching, hunting, camping, all that stuff.

If anyone has a copy, or a blurb, send it on in.

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