among the ruins something is born


Wherever colonisation is a fact, the indigenous culture begins to rot and among the ruins something beings to be born which is condemned to exist on the margin allowed it by the European culture.

Steve Biko, quoting  ?

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  1. 1 omalone1


  2. 2 omalone1

    I’m editing a manuscript and the funny thing is, I’m wondering the same thing. I know that biko twice quotes fanon however I am not sure who he quotes here.

    P.s. later, in the book, he quotes another writer who says something like “there is no way of stopping fools from dedicating themselves to useless causes.” Not sure who this is either?

  3. 3 edwardcav

    No idea either. Perhaps Biko has given himself some poetic, anti-racist licence so that he can channel the colonial mentalite without actually citing it ‽

  4. 4 omalone1

    G Wiz, after 3 years of not knowing, yesterday I made a breakthrough (and completed the second phase of editing.)

    It appears that he was quoting Aime Césaire. Moreover, it seems that James Baldwin used this same quote in “more notes on a native son”.

    We know that biko used the pseudonym ‘frank talk’ for a while, prior to being revealed, however, my feeling is that he quoted Césaire directly, as opposed to lifting it from Baldwin (who happens to use a little more of the quote.)

    P.s. I’m taking Baldwin’s word as it might be difficult to locate the text the quote is from, owing to translations etc.

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