indigenous law journal 8, 1 (2010)


Indigenous Law Journal 8, 1 (2010)

Table of Contents:

Bessie Mainville ‘Traditional Native Culture and Spirituality: A Way of Life That Governs Us Community Voices’, pp. 1-6.

Kent McNeil, ‘Reconciliation and Third-Party Interests: Tsilhqot’in Nation v. British Columbia’, pp. 7-26.

Emily Luther, ‘Whose Distinctive Culture – Aboriginal Feminism and R. v. Van der Peet’, pp. 27-54.

Eric H. Reiter, ‘Fact, Narrative, and the Judicial Uses of History: Delgamuukw and Beyond’, pp. 55-80.

Dominique Nouvet, ‘R. v. Kapp: A Case of Unfulfilled Potential Case Comment’, pp. 81-94.

Simon Young, ‘Tides of History and Jurisprudential Gulfs: Native Title Proof and the Noongar Western Australia Claim’, pp. 95-120.

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