australasian canadian studies: globalising indigeneity


Yet to appear online this one, but some libraries might be subscribed.

Australasian Canadian Studies 1-2 (2009)

Cindy Blackstock, ‘Federation Dialogue: Is this our Canada? Is this our Australia? First Nations Child and Family Safety and Well-being in Two Commonwealth Countries’.

Michelle Eady and Alison Reedy, ‘Crocodiles and Polar Bears: Technology and Learning in Indigenous Australian and Canadian Communities’.

Louise Humpage, ‘What Kind of Policy Matters? Recognition, Redistribution, and Indigenous Health Outcomes in Canada and New Zealand’.

Augie Fleras and roger Maaka, ‘Towards and Indigenous Grounded Analysis Policy Framework as Participatory Constitutional Governance’.

Edward Cavanagh, ‘Fur Trade Colonialism: Traders and Cree at Hudson Bay, 1713-67’.

Nicole St-Onge, ‘Plains Metis Nation: Capturing the Contours of an Identity’.

Sarah Henzi, ‘Resistance and Transformation: Negotiating Political Rhetorics in First Nations Literatures’.

Blanca Tovias, ‘A Hero for all Seasons: A Late Nineteenth-Century Paii in James Welch’s “Fool’s Crow”‘.

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