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Sending a big thanks to all the followers of settler colonial studies! Here’s a list of the most clicked posts of 2010, FYI: 1. cleveland indians 2. but i always wanted to be one of the good guys 3. the return of eugene terre’blanche and his AWB: youtube 4. new left review: palestine, settler colonialsm […]

Meredith Lake, ‘Samuel Marsden, Work, and the Limits of Evangelical Humanitarianism’, History Australia 7, 3 (2010). Abstract: Scholars have emphasised the contribution of evangelical humanitarianism to the debate over British settler colonialism, especially around the time of the Select Committee on Aborigines in British Settlements (1835–7). This article draws attention to another strand of evangelical […]

Nigel Worden, ‘After Race and Class: Recent Trends in the Historiography of Early Colonial Cape Society’, South African Historical Journal 62, 3 (2010): Abstract This article reviews the recent upsurge of writing on the history of the early colonial Cape Colony from the VOC period to the early nineteenth century. It responds to important questions […]

David Johnson, ‘Historical and Literary Re-iterations of Dutch Settler Republicanism’, South African Historical Journal 62, 3 (2010): Abstract Historical and literary accounts of the Graaff-Reinet and Swellendam rebellions of 1795 – 1799 are analysed in relation to three consecutive myths of Afrikaner national identity. In terms of the British imperialist myth of the Afrikaner as […]

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via Indian Country Today President Barack Obama made major news during the second annual White House Tribal Nations Conference, announcing United States’ support for the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. “[A]s you know, in April, we announced that we were reviewing our position on the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous […]

Tamari Kitossa and Katerina Deliovsky, ‘Interracial Unions with White Partners and Racial Profiling: Experiences and perspectives’, International Journal of Criminology and Sociological Theory 3, 2 (2010). Abstract Over the past decade racial profiling has received much scholarly and public attention. Our study explores the awareness, perspectives and experiences of the individuals in interracial unions with […]

Nicholas T. Luetzow, ‘Colonialism, Conflict, and the Religious Response’ (MSc Thesis: South Dakota State University, 2010) Abstract (Summary) Nearly every country has participated in colonization or has been threatened by colonization. Modeling the processes used by colonizers and the native reaction to colonization will further understanding of current international relationships and past conflicts. This study […]

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easter island


At least 25 people have been injured during clashes between Chilean police and local people on Easter Island. Witnesses say police fired pellets as they tried to evict several indigenous inhabitants from buildings they occupied earlier this year. The Rapa Nui group say the buildings were illegally taken from their ancestors several generations ago. Easter […]