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Saree Makdisi, ‘Riding the Whirlwind of Settler Colonialism’, Victorian Studies 53, 1 (Autumn 2010) a bit of it: The structural logic leading to such catastrophes is precisely what Belich aims to uncover and retrace, though his book is ultimately more interested in colonial triumph than in the human catastrophes that have always accompanied it (of […]

…he seems to be claiming that ‘Indigenous Title’ is somehow different from ‘Aboriginal Title’ with the difference being that Indigenous Title is both an individual right as well as a communal one. turtletalk, on Louison v. Ochapowace Indian Band #71



griquas learn from voortrekkers: Die Griekwavolk se droom om sy geskiedenis en erfenisterreine te bewaar, is lewendig en daarom het hulle heelpad per trein van die Noord-Kaap gekom om te kom kyk hoe dinge by die Voortrekkermonument gedoen word. and long for zulu-esque memorialisation: “Maar ons wil onder dieselfde wet as al die ander swart […]

  Robert J. Miller and Micheline D’Angelis,’Brazil, Indigenous Peoples, and the International Law of Discovery’ (Working Paper: February 23, 2011). Abstract: The Doctrine of Discovery, viewed through the lens of six hundred years of international law, has shaped Brazil’s legal history and laws ever since 1500 when Portugal claimed first discovery of the territory. A […]

In his inaugural lecture on Tuesday 8 March, Professor Richard Boast will argue that there were many more ‘treaties’ in colonial New Zealand than just the 1840 document, and that an examination and debate about their significance is needed. “It is often assumed that the Treaty of Waitangi was the only Treaty between the state […]

William Jackson reviews OHBE’s two new additions, Migration and Empire, and Settlers and Expatriates. a bit of it: The structure of the book combines a regional and thematic approach. The four opening chapters deal with the three major destinations for British migration: Canada, Australia and New Zealand – plus ‘Africa South of the Sahara’. For […]

Tying up forever a large territory for the use of Kafirs in small bits each big enough to support a man and his family … to tie up the man whose labour is worth more elsewhere .. Does it not strike you as rather a waste of both the man and the ground? … Why […]

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“This so-called zombie or brain-manipulating fungus alters the behaviours of the ant host, causing it to die in an exposed position, typically clinging onto and biting the adaxial surface of shrub leaves,” the study authors write. The fungus then grows out of the head of the ant, releasing spores into the air, which rain down […]

Between Subalternity and Indigeneity, ed. Bird and Rothberg Jodi A. Byrd; Michael Rothberg, ‘BETWEEN SUBALTERNITY AND INDIGENEITY: Critical Categories for Postcolonial Studies’. This introductory essay addresses the conditions for possible exchange between subaltern studies and indigenous and American Indian studies. It highlights the special significance of Spivak’s ‘Can the Subaltern Speak?’ as an inaugurating moment […]