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Jay Hammond, ‘Speaking Of Opium: Discursive Formations in Empire’. M.A. Thesis Dissertation (Columbia University Department of Anthropology, May 2011). This thesis traces the social life of opium starting from the history of British colonialism in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries on to settler colonialism in the United States (with frequent comparisons to Australia) at the […]

Will Jackson, ‘White man’s country: Kenya Colony and the making of a myth’, Journal of Eastern African Studies 5, 2 (2011) This article explains the cultural construction of Kenya Colony. It does so by combining two related histories – those of international tourism and of colonial rule – and two key explanatory themes – those […]

Matthew L. M. Fletcher and Peter S. Vicaire, ‘Indian Wars: Old and New’, Journal of Gender, Race and Justice, 15th Anniversary Symposium, “War On…The Fallout of Declaring War on Social Issues, Forthcoming This short paper analyzes American history from the modern “wars” on poverty, drugs, and terror from the perspective of American Indians and Indian […]

Giordano Nanni, ‘Time, Empire and Resistance in Settler-Colonial Victoria’, Time & Society 20, 1 (2011). This article addresses the role of time as a locus of power and resistance in the context of 19th-century European colonialism. It adopts the case-study of the British settler-colony of Victoria, Australia, to illustrate the manner in which colonization entailed, […]

Andrew Woolford, ‘Transition and Transposition: Genocide, Land and the British Columbia Treaty Process’, New Proposals: Journal of Marxism and Interdisciplinary Inquiry 4, 2 (2011) This paper situates the British Columbia Treaty Process within a brief discussion of the role of land in genocidal processes and transitional justice. It does so as a means to highlight […]

Gregory Ablavsky, ‘Making Indians “White”: The Judicial Abolition of Native Slavery in Revolutionary Virginia and its Racial Legacy’, University of Pennsylvania Law Review, 159, (2011). This article traces the history of a series of “freedom suits” brought by Virginia slaves between 1772 and 1806, in which the Supreme Court of Appeals of Virginia judicially abolished […]

Craig Bryan Yirush, ‘Claiming the New World: Empire, Law, and Indigenous Rights in the Mohegan Case, 1704–1743’, Law and History Review 29, 2 (2011). In 1773, with the empire on the brink of revolt, the Privy Council gave the final ruling in the case of the Mohegan Indians versus the colony of Connecticut. Thus ended […]

From Business Day: RURAL Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti plans to ask the Cabinet to permit more land claims by black South Africans who lost their property before 1913. Legislation providing for land claims, which has cost the fiscus billions of rand, had as a cut-off date for restitution the promulgation of the […]

Tracey Heatherington. Wild Sardinia: Indigeneity and the Global Dreamtimes of Environmentalism. Culture, Place, and Nature Series. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2010. Illustrations, glossary. 328 pp. $65.00 (cloth), ISBN 978-0-295-98998-3; $30.00 (paper), ISBN 978-0-295-98999-0. Reviewed by Eric P. Perramond (Colorado College) Published on H-HistGeog (May, 2011) Commissioned by Robert M. Wilson [T]here is useful material […]

Felix Mukwiza Ndahinda, Indigenousness in Africa: A Contested Legal Framework for Empowerment of ‘Marginalized’ Communities (Springer, 2011). Following the internationalisation of the indigenous rights movement, a growing number of African hunter-gatherers, pastoralists and other communities have adopted indigenousness in claiming special legal protection. Their legal claims as the indigenous peoples of Africa are backed by […]