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We encourage submissions which consider the various ways in which whites enter and encounter the non-West (as settlers, scholars, tourists, diplomats, soldiers, aid workers, missionaries, and so on) and how they have understood, deployed, and/or elided their whiteness. We also seek papers that will examine how indigenous populations (service workers, sex workers, Christian converts, colonial […]

More on the workshop for indigenous governance, here. To participate in this conference will require a substantial commitment of your time. We estimate no less than a week: half a week (at the very least) to read the pre-circulated 18 papers, and half a week to attend the conference. We are hoping for a relatively […]

Orin Star, ‘Here come the Anthros (again): The Strange Marriage of Anthropology and Native America’, Current Anthropology 26 2 (2011) This article charts and tries to reckon with the relationship between anthropology and Native America. In an older time, most American anthropologists made their living studying Indians, this almost parasitic disciplinary dependence lasting well into […]

Audra Simpson, ‘Settlement’s Secret’, Current Anthropology 26, 2 (2011): In the spirit of Orin Starn’s piece for Cultural Anthropology “Here Come the Anthros (Again): The Strange Marriage of Anthropology and Native America,” I offer the following response that orients to three periodizations within his review of the literature. These periodizations are marked by an anthropological […]