studies in settler colonialism edited by fiona batemen and lionel pilkington


Fiona Batemen and Lionel Pilkington (eds), Studies in Settler Colonialism: Politics, Identity and Culture (Palgrave MacMillan: New York, 2011).

Studies in Settler Colonialism: Politics, Identity and Culture offers an accessible overview of settler colonialism as a globally important cultural and political phenomenon within a range of historical and geographical contexts, including Palestine, Hawai’i, Canada, southern Africa, Ireland, and Australasia. Seventeen essays by leading scholars in the field argue that while different episodes of setter colonialism vary in different ways due to circumstances of time and place, they share a pervasive genocidal agenda for indigenous peoples. With its useful definitions and insights as well as its account of the opportunities that settler colonialism presents for resistance, this is a provocative study of a relatively unexplored topic of immense importance.


Introduction; F.Bateman & L.Pilkington
‘An Unknown and Feeble Body’: How Settler Colonialism Was Theorised in the Nineteenth Century; T.Foley
Spenser, Purchas, and the Poetics of Colonial Settlement; D.Carey
‘Dycheyng and Hegeying’: The Material Culture of the Tudor Plantations in Ireland; J.P.Montano
A Settled Question?: Charles, Lord Cornwallis, the Loss of America and the Mind of Empire; D.Dix
International Anti-Colonialism: The Fenian Invasions of Canada; R.Young
Indirect Rule in Australia: A Case Study in Settler Colonial Difference; B.Silverstein
(En)gendering Faith?: Love, Marriage and the Evangelical Mission on the Settler-Colonial Frontier; C.McLisky
‘Wanted! A Real White Australia’: The Women’s Movement, Whiteness and the Settler-colonial Project, 1900-1940; J.Carey
From the Indigenous to the Indigent: Homelessness and Settler Colonialism in Hawai’i; L.E.Lyons
Searching for the ‘C’ word: Museums, Art Galleries, and Settler Colonialism in Hawai’i; K.K.Kosasa
A Dream Deterred: Palestine from Total War to Total Peace; J.Collins
Displaced Nations: Israeli Settlers and Palestinian Refugees; S.D.Hassan
Telling the End of the Settler Colonial Story; L.Veracini
JM Coetzee and the Idea of Africa; D.Attwell
Zionism Then and Now; S.Makdisi
Where We Belong: South Africa as Settler Colony and the Calibration of African and Afrikaner Indigeneity; E.Boehmer
Race and the Trace of History; P.Wolfe

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